5 Important Steps To Take After a Sudden Two Wheeler Accident


With the increasing number of vehicles running on the road, the probability for unforeseen road accidents is also increasing. But the problem is not basically with the number of vehicles, the problem is with people who do not follow traffic rules and drive so rashly that someone else gets hurt due to their ludicrous behavior.

You too can become a target of such people and may meet an accident while driving your two-wheeler. So, all you need is to be very cautious on the road, have a strong two wheeler insurance to back you up and be aware of some important steps that are ideal to take after an accident.


1. Do Not Panic

In case of an accident, first of all, you need to calm your mind instead of getting panic. This will help you think wisely and make the right decision. Often people end up quarrelling with other people involved in the accident. But, this is something that should be avoided. Talk to the people surrounding you and come to a solution.

2. Ask For Help

In case you are injured badly, do not try to manage all the things by yourself. Ask for help from people passing by. Or you can also call your friend or someone who can make it to the accident spot immediately. In case you are travelling with someone, check if he or she is perfectly alright. If the person is critically injured, call an ambulance or medical help.

3. Inform The Police

It is always better to call and inform the police about any significant damage, such as death or bodily injury. You will be asked certain questions, as a part of the investigation after which, you will be free to go to your home or a hospital to get a complete check-up.

4. Raise The Insurance Claim

One of the most important points to be noted is to raise the two wheeler insurance claim. In case of a minor accident, the insurance company would guide you about the next step. However, in case of a major accident, a survey would be conducted at the accident scene, so as to assess the damages. Only after this process, the claim would get registered. So, it is always advised to call the insurance company immediately after facing an accident.

5. Take Pictures

Lastly, do not forget to take pictures of the accident scene, your two wheeler, the immediate surrounding and your injuries. If you find any witnesses of the accident, request their contact information. Go to your home, relax and jot down everything you remember about the accident. This helps at the time of raising insurance claims.

Accidents are uncertain and you might fall a victim to them at any given point of time. Hence, having a two wheeler insurance policy and knowing how to tackle with such sudden situations can help you emerge out of the problem in a very glitch-free manner. So, enjoy the daily flow of your life, act humane and ride safe with these essentials in mind.


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