Ajith new look with six pack?

Now a day’s Ultimate star ajith has been criticised for extra pounds around his belly welly. To Smash these things he is doing workouts for six hours for Vishnuvardhan’s film. Also there is news that Ajith is going to have six packs in this film. Whether six pack or not, Ajith will be looking so slim than in his earlier films. Ajith and Arya doing an mass role in this film. Nayanthara and Tapsee pairs with them.

Ajith kumar at Gym

Ajith new look with six pack?
Photo Credit: ajithfans

Thala Ajith Newlook Sixpack

Ajith after workout in gym

Ajith at gym

Ajith Latest still after huge workout

Ajith Latest photo / Picture
Photo Credit: Retham


Ajith has a history of back problems, he has earlier undergone a major surgery to rectify a spinal damage.

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