Bebo’s Heroine Trailer & Preview – Will Bebo Rock?

The most controversial and expected movie from Kareena Kapoor (Bebo) and its written, directed and produced by Madhu Bhandharkar. This film was Bhandharkar’s dream project, from the day he started his film industry career.


Story revolves around Mahi Arora, successful film actress. This is complete based on a Bollywood super star heroine’s life in personal life and film life. Mostly this film covers the happening behind the scene scandals, which are never relieved to the people. This movie is going to show the world, what happens behind the gorgeous smiles and beneath the closed doors of vanity vans.

Beneath every incredible fame of height, there is a dark mystery with lonely depths of failures.

First it was Aish, since she was pregnant while film shoot started. Bebo was roped into the this project.

Critics says it will be more like Fashion (2008) by Bhandharkar or like Dirty Picture (2011).

Lets wait and see if Bebo can out perform others.

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