China all set to launch World’s First Quantum Satellite

Chinese Academy of Sciences has announced the launch of experimental quantum communication satellite by July. According to CAS scientists, Since quantum particles (photons) can neither be destroyed nor separated, it becomes impossible even for the most powerful computers to intercept, crack or wiretap any kind of information transmitted thereby providing top-level data security.

It has taken almost five years for the Chinese scientists to design and construct the satellite. Additionally, four ground stations for quantum communication and one space teleportation experiment station were created for the overall project. The satellite will transmit/receive photon packets (light beams) which would be decoded/encoded at the receiving/transmitting stations.


The launch of quantum satellites by Chinese is an attempt to provide ultra-high data security and foil hacker’s attempts for data thefts. The satellite will be transported to Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center by June for the launch.

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