Deadpool 2: First Look Pics and Videos Revealed On The Internet

The Comedy and Action Packed American superhero film Deadpool we all had fun watching is coming back soon as “Deadpool 2”. Internet is trending with the First Look pictures and videos shared on the upcoming movie. All due to the exciting looks the lead character Josh Brolin carrying at Deadpool photoshoot.

Sadly, the costume was not of the famous black and red color as the previous one rather portraying an age-old character with rugged make-up, weaponry and a teddy hanging on the left hip are seen.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

This time around there isn’t mask hiding the superhero face and we can witness a cybernetic eye and arm, and a high-end armor appears to be shotgun with a sharp grenade launcher padded with.

The First look pictures have been released by Reynolds on his social media saying “We all have that one, grumpy, heavy armed Uncle from the future”. Now take a look at the First look pictures and videos below.



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