How to block single js / javascript file in browser


There are many plugin and extension, which can help you to block JS / javascript from browser. For one of my work, I was searching for solution to block single JS from a website, without blocking other JS / javascript files in the site. I was unable to locate a plugin or extension, which provide the solution. Most of the plugin and extensions were to block all JS / javascript files from a domain.

After so many try on different plugin and tool, finally I found a way to block single JS / javascript file.

Why would you want to stop single JS file in website.

Mostly of the validation are written in JS file, if we want to bypass the validation and access the content without issue. We would want to block that JS file, with the specific validation process.

How to Block Single JS File

  • Find identify the right JS, which is doing the validation process, using developer tools like inpsect element / firebug.
  • Install Adblock Plus for your browser. This plugin will block all the advertisement displayed in the website.
  • After Installing, Open Options in Adblock Plus.
  • Select ‘Add your own filters’ tab in options screen.
  • Enter the JS file complete URL in the text box and click ‘Add Filter’
  • Now go back to the website and refresh it, the particular JS file will be blocked and the validation process will be ignored.

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This worked out for me, do leave your comments on this.

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