How to Cut Down the Laundry Cost and Give Crisp to Your House

Laundry was just an essential work in the period of kings and queens. Perhaps that’s because they had a laundress to do it for them. But nowadays, most of the people are stuck doing this work themselves. According to the Environmental protection agency (EPA), the average American family faces 400 loads of laundry each year- it means more than one load every day.

These days we don’t use our hands, washtub and scrub board to wash, thanks to the washing machines where our clothes automatically get a wash and dry. But it is also bad news, it has increased the cost of electricity, water, and detergent and it is also so much expensive. Poor people can’t even afford it.

But don’t worry, we have a solution for you, with just some easy tricks, you can cut the cost of your wash by half or even more than that. Don’t get scared. I won’t suggest you go to the nearest river and beat them against a rock.

 Your Cost Per Load Low:

The cost of the laundry varies widely. It depends on where and how you do it. If you send your clothes to the washerman, or you will go to the dryer, definitely they will charge more than if you wash your clothes by yourself. And your laundry cost also depends upon the temperature of the water, what type of detergent you are using and how you dry your clothes.

Let’s seen them in detail for more understanding:

  •       Use Hands Rather than Machines:

It sounds old school but if it is helping you with your money-saving then what is so wrong about this? If not in a hurry, later try to use your hands rather than machines. It will not only save water, but it will not cut down your detergent cost. So try to use some old school methods and save electricity and save your money.

  •       Water Savings:

Using hands will lower the cost, but if you use cold water instead of hot water, then it will decrease your cost from almost Rs.75 by just saving your electricity.

  •       Lower Cost of Detergent: 

Detergent plays a significant role in the laundry. Try to use some low cost of detergent. There are so many good qualities of detergent in the market and which costs the minimum like Modified Star for Textile Sizing which only cost 39.19/kilo gram.

With cutting down your cost, also try to give time to your house to provide it with a crisp. Try this job in your free time and then after the completion of this process, try to organize all your clothes and place them in their proper place. It wills not only give an organized look to your house and wardrobe, but also it will make you feel like you are wearing a high standard and good quality clothes, it will give you immense pleasure when you wear those clothes.

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