Ice Age 4 – Continental Drift Movie Review

Again here comes our Sid, Diego & Manny. This time, they come with lots of characters.

The movie starts with Scrat’s hunt for oak nut, the same which is shown in the trailer. Coz of Scrat’s action in the earth core and the earth re form continental drift. Manny, Sid, Diego and Sid’s Granny gets seperated in an ice berg coz of the drift.


Manny with Ellie and their daughter Peaches, young teenage mammoth. Peaches best friend is Louis, a molehog. Peaches has crush on Ethan, who doesnt like hanging out with Louis.

Diego gets his first crush Shira, who is a pirate and voice by Jenifer Lopez. Sid’s family has been introduced in this and they don’t like Sid and his Granny. Gutt as Pirate Captain with his crew.

My Favourite Scene in the movie is when Louis ask to Crash and Eddie, ‘how could you guys be like this when the worlds going to end’, they said ‘coz we are stupid’. Also a weried reaction by crush and he pinching louis nose.

Watch and enjoy the movie in 3D.

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