India: Supersonic Prithvi-II’s test fire successful [News]

India Supersonic Prithvi-II’s test fire successful [News]

Ingeniously developed surface-to-surface missile Prithvi-II was successfully test fired by India from Chandipur, off Odisha coast. Prithivi-II is currently capable of carrying warheads weighing 500-1000 kilograms with a strike range of 350 kilometers. The 4600-kilogram missile thrusted by liquid propelled twin engines was driven to action from mobile launcher at Launch-3 complex of the Integrated Test range.

The test was carried out by Strategic forces command with DRDO (Defense research and development organization) scientists monitoring the whole process. The missile measured a peak altitude of 43 kilometers and had travel duration of 8 minutes and 3 seconds. The battlefield missile had been inducted into Indian armed forces in 2003 from then on subsequent up gradation and tests have been conducted to increase its capabilities. The latest trial had been conducted to test its supersonic interceptor capabilities which would destroy incoming hostile ballistic missiles.

Video courtesy: TIMES NOW

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