Is It Love – The Magical Feeling in one’s Life – Episode 8

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Yeah my stupid possessiveness towards Rahul peeped out the moment when I saw him with a girl….
Is it Love????
I convinced myself and started walking towards my home. A bike was continuously blowing its horn from distance and it stopped near me… It was Rahul… He wanted me to stop there. But I was not ready to see him. He pulled my Duppatta to hold me there.
I didn’t pin my Duppatta and it was in Rahul’s hands for a moment. Embarrassing!!!! I felt like slapping him but I can’t. He just gave it back to me without knowing what to do.
Rahul: Am sorry dear… I didn’t do on any purpose.
Me: I know that….. (In a rude voice) Why you stopped me now?
Rahul: I want to talk with you.
Me: What… tell me now… getting late… have to go home.
Rahul: Why you behaved like this…
Me: For asking the reason only u stopped me ah?
Rahul: No Anjana… I want to make you understand the reason behind why you behaved like that…. I asked Swathy to get back to her home. Come on… Come with me… I just drop you near your home. Don’t say no dear… please………..
Me: How dare you are asking me to come with you…
Rahul: I didn’t ask you for a kiss or hug… I just said I will drop you… Nothing wrong in it I hope.
I don’t know whether it was right or wrong to go with him but I wanted to spend my time with him. At least a 30 mins to express my words to him. Even though the mistake was on my end he approached me and tried to convince me. I started loving it. I never have gone with anyone in bike except my Dad. Butterflies started scratching my stomach… I just covered my face with the Duppatta and stepped my foot on the footrest and I touched his shoulders for balance. I felt me and Rahul can make a good pair as the rear mirror reflected the image together. I remained silent for a while as I felt like flying somewhere. It was damn pleasing to go for a ride with loved ones that too in a cool evening.
Rahul: How do you feel now?
Me: I feel like in Heaven Rahul…
Rahul stopped the bike suddenly… come again…. come again……
Me: why stopped now… 15 more minutes in hand Rahul… Just go……..
I never wanted to see you anymore that’s why I changed my number but now????
How you got my number Rahul????
Rahul: You want to know that seriously…
ME: Sure… sure… who gave my number to you.
Rahul: I got your number the very next day when you changed it. You got the Sim card from my Friend’s shop only. Fortunately I saw your photo and proof on his table that day… Got it…
ME: oh… you got that before nine months… but you never tried calling me right?
Rahul: Yeah Anjana… I don’t want to disturb you. I won’t allow anything which disturbs you even that was me….
There I can understand Rahul’s love and care on me. I was speechless. “Is Rahul also in love with me?” I doubted. But how can I confirm it. Being a girl I was not ready to express my love or to propose him. He was in his final year and I was in my second year of Engineering. Long way to go. So I restricted myself to show my love towards him.
30 minutes went off like thirty seconds. We reached almost near to my street. I asked him to stop the bike there itself. Reluctantly got down from his bike. I got my bag from him and stood near him for some minutes. He wanted me to text him after reaching home. I didn’t give him anything on his birthday but he gave me a Cadbury and winked. Rahul’s face looked very Dull when i was about to go home. He also wanted me to stay with him for some more time. I can feel it in his eyes.I know its love only. I will be waiting for him to express his love first.
His mobile rang…. Immediately he rejected the call.. I asked him “who is that???”
He was blinking like anything… He remains silent.. Hey “Asking you only stupid”i added..
Ufffffffff….. K do what you wish.. Am going.. bye.” Hey What is this dear… will end up our meet happily” He pleased keeping his face like a thumb-chucking Kid.
Ok… Bye…I said him with a smile………….:) and i turned into my street and he was still there… I gestured him to start but he was ready to leave…
When I started my step to home it was my dad’s car coming out from the street…………………
Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To be Continued…

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