Looking For Toner Legs? Try These 3 Exercises

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Toned Legs
Toned Legs

Looking for those toner legs that you deserve?Consider the following three exercises.

1.Yoga Moves:Downward Dog Split

Downward Dog Split
Downward Dog Split


The downward dog split is a yoga move that is bound to give you fantastic legs, thighs, and butt.The move consists of you starting with all fours on the ground.Taking a deep breath, you push into a downward facing dog.You do this by lifting your hips and butt into the air while making your legs straight.When exhaling, lift one of your legs high into the air.Lower it back down slowly before doing the same with your other leg.Repeat a series of moves for improved results.If downward dog split is not your thing but you still want yoga moves, then consider Warrior III.

2.Chair Twist

Contrary to its name, you don’t actually need a chair, or anything in order to do the chair twist (example here).Toning your legs and butt, the chair twist begins by standing with both of your feet together.While pushing your hips backwards, bend your knees.You should have one knee up and one knee tucked below you.With your thighs lowered to the point where they are nearly parallel to the floor, raise your arm up.While holding this position, gently rotate your body to the right.After holding for 3 seconds, repeat on the other side of your body doing a total of 3 reps.

3.Two-Third Jump Squat

Two-Third Jump Squat
Two-Third Jump Squat

Want an exercise that promises to tone your legs and hamstrings?The Two-Third Jump Squat may be just the thing you are looking for.Requiring nothing more than a solid floor beneath your feet, you can begin the exercise by standing with both your feet about shoulder width apart from one another.From here, crouch into a squat that goes two-thirds of the way down to the bottom before jumping in the air.The moment you land, go into the next squat.Do 3 sets of 20 of these.If two-third jump squats are not your thing but you like the idea of squats, then consider the chair squats or the split squat.

While the three exercises listed above are our favorites, they are by no means the only exercises you can do.Along with what we have listed, consider pivoting curtsy lunge, low lung hover, skater lunge, the Lean, leg lift, V-position, lateral lunge side kicks, hip bridge, single leg lift and bow, standing forward bend, and knee lift-leg kick combo to help you get toned legs.Always make sure you are eating plenty of protein after you exercise. The protein found in beans, chicken, red meat, fish and other protein powder supplements, provides the amino acids your body needs to strengthen and tone muscle.



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