Mind-Blowing Facts: Jammu & Kashmir – The only Indian state with a state flag

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Out of all the 29 states, 7 Union territories that formulate the Indian Union, Jammu & Kashmir is the only Indian state to have a state flag of its own.  Startling!!!! Isn’t it??  The state’s special status under the Article 370 of the Indian Constitution allows it to hoist the state flag along with the national flag.

Jammu & Kashmir - The only Indian state to have a state flag - Inset
The State Flag of Jammu & Kashmir

The flag is rectangular in shape with 3:2 (length: breadth) format. It consists of a red background representing labor, the white plough representing agriculture & peasants and three white horizontal stripes representing the regions of the state namely;  LADAKH, JAMMU and KASHMIR VALLEY.

The flag’s inception dates back to 13, July 1931 where a demonstration against the Dogra rulers resulted in the death of 21 persons. The blood soaked shirt of one among those death victims was hoisted by the crowd as the Flag of Kashmir. Correspondingly, On July 11, 1939 the Jammu and Kashmir National Conference, a political party adopted the flag. Finally on June 7, 1952, the flag became the state’s official flag based on a resolution passed by the Constituent Assembly of Jammu and Kashmir.

It’s mandatory according to the Constitution of Jammu & Kashmir to hoist the state flag along with the national flag. According to Delhi Agreement, the Indian flag has the same status in Jammu & Kashmir as with respect to the rest of the states.

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