Never Skip Food!!! Hunger precipitates reckless and irrational decisions – Check out why?

The slogan “Eat Healthier Think Better” does make sense. Recent studies suggest brain tend towards rash and irrational decisions when a person feels hungry. Release of certain chemicals and hormones pushes the brain to look for food supplies and if not received it propels the brain to make decisions without considering the consequences. It’s a kind of panic alarm where the brain has to take drastic measures to ensure physical survival.


Scientific communities suggest ‘To shun any major decision’ when hungry to avoid any disastrous situations. So, first refill body’s energy reserves by feeding. By feeding, one’s physical existence is ensured thereby allowing the brain to function in its habitual manner. To sum up, ‘Feeding your Body’ comes first; ‘Food for thought’ comes next.

COURTESY: Video – DNews | Images – EarthFitTraining

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