Well, all eyes have been on the Apple for a long time. Even though many feels that Apple have lost that creativity touch, individuals and organizations around the world never ceased to look out for new Apple products. It is a great opportunity for Tim Cook and Apple team to release one another stand out product just like Steve did for years and reassure the doubts in people mind regarding Apple’s degrade in innovation and creativity.

Though there is no potential competitor for Apple in its smartphone as no one yet provided a premium quality product that matches the feat Apple have already touched. Android on the other hand can be named as the competitor but still they lack in providing customer with the luxury environment which Apple made possible with its products.

All the unofficial updates on whether the next Apple iPhone could be 8 or whatever will probably be revealed this September 12th (Tuesday). The grand yearly event will take place at Cupertino Headquarters, at the Steve Jobs theatre which was built for the use of special Apple events.

Source: the apple post
Source: the apple post


All we can expect is to get the announcement of brand new iPhone with features as usual that solves our day to day problems. Not sure about other companies but Apple is a company which values integrity and build products with real intelligence. This enables them to build products that benefit the customers in a certain way rather build the random feature and marketing it for use.

And along with Apple iPhone, we may expect an updated version of the Apple Watch device and 4K capable Apple TV as well. No specifications or any other details were known to the public until the company reveals it officially. These are the three-main expectation that set in the minds of Apple fans.


It has been rumored that Apple to come up with a change in its smartphone usual design. Expect the smartphone with no home button, as most other smartphones didn’t allocate specific buttons for touch rather 99% happens with screen touch.

Fingers crossed until we get to see whether the new design will be a hit or else fan will push Apple back to get the Home button again as Microsoft fans did to get the Start icon/button. There is a strong behind the Microsoft Windows start button as it is the gateway to its world but let’s see whether Apple could benefit fans without its home button.


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