Planning to retire and settle down? Zurich – Your Best-Bet | Rated the Most Sustainable City


Swiss City, Zurich has been ranked the Most Sustainable City according to The 2016 Arcadis Sustainable Cities Index. Topping the charts, Zurich scored 74.6% to be closely followed by Singapore (74.1%) and Stockholm (73.9%) occupying the second and third spots respectively. Egyptian capital Cairo and Indian City Kolkata were the Least Sustainable Cities occupying the 99th and 100th position respectively.

Conducted by the Dutch based Building Consultant Firm, Arcadis; the survey rated The Top 100 Global Cities based on city’s Social, Economic and Eco-friendly Sustainability Factors. The Index aimed at offering a picture of health and wealth of Leading Global Cities for present and the future. Except Singapore and Seoul, none of metros outside Europe made into the Overall Top 10 Cities.

While Zurich topped the overall chart and ranked the Most Ecologically Sustainable City, Seoul and Singapore were the Most Socially Sustainable and Most Economically Sustainable City respectively. South African City, Cape Town was the Least Socially Sustainable while the Indian City, Kolkata was the Least Eco-Friendly & Economically Sustainable One.


COURTESY: Images – Zuerich

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