Sasikumar’s Sundarapandian movie review

Sundarapandian, another family entertainer movie by Sasikumar with family sentiments, Love, betrayal, village rituals and last but not least friendship, without friendship Sasikumar will not make a movie at all and he created an identity indeed. The story starts with the introduction of Madurai & Usulambatti and how they react for Love. Then the usual introduction song for the hero Sundarapandian (Sasikumar) who is a one and only son of a rich landlord Naren(one of the big shot in his town). Our hero is again a non-exceptional commercial hero who is always good in nature and admires everyone by his look and appearance. He loves to live in his own terms and goes out of the way to help his friends. That’s why Sasi will try to help his friend Vijay Sethupathy’s love who is in one sided love with Archana (Lakshmi Menon), a daughter of big shot in neighbor village. The twist comes here is Lakshmi will fall in love with Sasi. Meanwhile Appu Kutty (Sasi’s friend of friend) who also loves Lakshmi will be killed in a small gang war in bus by Sasi. So Sasi will be sent to Jail and first half of the movie gets over with loads of Humor.

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After Sasi’s return from Jail he will face many challenges from Appukutty’s friends. Sasi and Lakshmi’s love will be informed to her parents and she will be house arrested. Her relatives will brain wash her and arrange marriage with her sister’s brother in law. Here comes the necessity of hero’s father role and he will solve all the issues (Everyone’s dream father). But still the movie is not ended usually and there is some thrilling climax will take the movie little lengthier to tell a message at end which Sasi usually does (பழகுன நீங்களே இப்படி பண்ணினா யார் கூடடா பழகுறது and குத்துனது நண்பனா இருந்தாலும் செத்தா கூட காட்டி குடுக்ககூடாது) Background score by Rahnandhan helps the movie but the songs are not up to the mark. Cinematography is good but the screenplay should have been better. The second half is little boring and predictable climax. Sasikumar carried the entire movie in his shoulders and comedy by Soori also appreciable.

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