The astounding growth of Social Media [Infographic]

A decade ago, circa 2006 the term ‘Social Media’ was relatively new and unexplored. Popular chatting/messaging applications included Yahoo Messenger, Orkut and Skype. Cut to the present day, there is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, PInterest, Google Plus, Whatapp, Snapchat…Phew seems like a never ending list.

With the emergence of smartphones, Social Media has transformed the people’s outlook and life. A life without social media is hard to visualize. Such is the impact Social media has create; recently website SearchEngineJournal has published an infographic enlisting the growth of Social Media over the last 5 years (2010-15). The below infographic gives a comprehensive list of active users, avg. time spent, Est. worth of the company and other essential information related to each social media platform.

Astounding growth of Social Media Infographic

Infographic courtesy: SEARCHENGINEJOURNAL

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