Top 4 Unique Wedding Ideas – Freeze-Frame the Romance

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Guest Blog by Katherine Cao

Wedding is an important step in every single’s life. And preparations for the wedding also become more and more personalized. Professional wedding planners tend to help you hold an irresistibly romantic nuptial nowadays. Do you feel dazzled while choosing a unique wedding theme? Here, four creative wedding ideas are picked out. It’s said they are wedding subjects with the highest felicity index. Believe it or not, take a look. Probably, you will be inspired here!

Top 1: Candlelight Wedding
Top 1: Candlelight Wedding

If you are interested in this theme, you are suggested to hold the wedding on the night. Pendulous candlelight is the spark of this theme. In this case, a kind of romantic atmosphere can be created easily. When the bride comes on the stage, the surrounding light must be weakened. The bride walks in with the following lighting and heads towards the groom slowly. Candles on each desk will be lightened as the bride walks through. Therefore, a candlelight path will form slowly. When the bride finally meets the groom, the song of wedding march will be played. During the music, the bride and groom exchange their wedding rings and kiss. A wedding cake with full candles is pushed out. After the newly-wed will make their wedding vow and blow out the candlelight, all candles on the round desk are crushed out at the same time. Then, the headlight will be lightened. It’s believed a romantic wedding will be held easily in this case. However, there are many rules and limitations about using candles. You need to pay utmost attention on the safety.

Top 2: Network Wedding
Top 2: Network Wedding

When more and more people are obsessed in the virtual game world, some lovers also tend to bring their true weddings into the network world. Although a virtual wedding is held, cash gift and wedding rings won’t be lacked either. A pair of newly-wed has exclaimed that they received 240,000 virtual dollars on their network wedding. The bride’s wedding ring, worthy of 5,000,000 virtual dollars, will be won by a battle with a monster. All net friends can express their blessing for this couple. Some of them even let off fireworks by their game skills. At the same time, some net friends in the net bar also reveled there. To sum up, a true wedding aims to obtaining the acknowledgement by the law. But a network wedding just helps the bride and groom win the approval from friends. For holding a network wedding, you need help from computer experts. Just make sure to give consideration to both the network and reality.

Top 3: Love Bridge Wedding
Top 3: Love Bridge Wedding

If you are familiar to Chinese culture, you won’t feel strange with this title. This romantic and sweet wedding idea was come up with by a couple of newly-wed who were classmates. To make sure their wedding is 100% unique, they decided not to invite any of their friends or relatives. On the contrary, they just invited six people, who had been their college classmates and now working in different cities. (You have to make sure those guests are all single at present.) The bride and groom don’t insist on waste. So, the wedding was held in an eco-friendly park. There, guests can make friends, go fishing and have many other activities. If any two persons fall in love with each other on your wedding, the nuptial might become more meaningful. To hold a love bridge wedding, you will need to inform those classmates and per-calculate all expenses in advance.

Top 4: Church Wedding
Top 4: Church Wedding

Along with the love of wedding march, the bride walks on the red carpet. When the bride’s father gives his daughter’s hand to the groom’s hand, the music will be played. A church wedding creates serious feel. It makes the wedding a lifelong oath and commitment. It’s believed this wedding theme won’t go out of people’s attention even after generations. While planning a church wedding, you should avoid the forenoon of each Sunday as it is the time for church’s regular proceedings. Basic knowledge about the religion is necessary.


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Katherine Cao, to find more unique wedding ideas visit directly. This author also has a wedding blog, where she shares us impartial reviews on fashion wedding gowns. You may be interested in taking a look now?


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