10 Career Growth Questions You Probably Aren’t Asking Yourself

Career growth
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Career growth is something we often have to be intentional about to see ideal results. Excuses, a lack of clarity and persistence, following someone else’s dreams, and poor inspirational support are common career growth barriers.

Thomas Edison showed great tenacity with his ambitions. Great leaders are always growing and don’t let pride get in the way of their career growth. Whether you’re a manager, director, or senior professional, keep taking action to achieve your goals.

I recently asked a client experiencing career burnout triggers out some of the questions which she likes about herself and three reasons she’s afraid of failure. One thing she mentioned was that she likes to think. I’m the same.

There is power in being still and having a good, long think. By asking questions, we learn, figure out solutions, develop self-awareness, and ultimately grow. I hope you feel inspired and provoked by these questions.

What stretch goal am I excited about achieving next month?

If you’re not being challenged, you will eventually become bored and disconnected from your work. We also need the element of excitement ever so often because feelings drive our level of commitment and actions.

What was my professional highlight this month?

If you’re struggling to find one, then it could be time to freshen up your role and incorporate some of the tactics. Keeping a journal of your career accomplishments comes in handy when you need to update your résumé.

Update your professional growth with recent technological advancement. I think DevOps remains top of the shelves to increase your career growth so get DevOps certification from the reputed institute. Struggling to think of a professional highlight? Create one for yourself next month by undergoing PMP training.

Is my personal brand still reflecting my three brand attributes?

Brand attributes are something I always identify whenever I’m writing a résumé. Your résumé needs to have a human touch and convey who you are. Think about three career accomplishments. What characteristics helped you accomplish those things? These are likely your brand attributes.

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What have I learned about myself this month?

Lao Tzu, a Chinese philosopher, said, “Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.”  Things may not always go as you wish, but the lessons we learn often develop noble traits of character.

What was happening at the times when I didn’t perform my best work?

Knowing your ideal work environment plays a powerful part in choosing your career path and helps you improve productivity. You may even find that there’s a pattern to the things that hinder you from excelling in areas of your work.

How has my lifestyle impacted my work this month?

I believe in comprehensive career coaching. Our lifestyle impacts our decision-making process and productivity. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “individual employees and employers can derive economic benefits from improved health.”

What is lacking in my network?

Mark Granovetter studied job-seekers in his book, The Strength of Weak Ties, to find out how social networks play a role in finding employment. His research showed that when you tap into your loose tie connections, you’ll have greater success in your job search, career satisfaction and will earn a higher salary. You want your network (and by the network, I don’t just mean those you add on LinkedIn) to be diverse in location, age, industry, and job-level.

What’s stopping me?

Often it’s one of the “E” words: excuses or emotions.

What did I do this month to step out of my comfort zone?

Going outside your comfort zone will develop your experience and confidence. You won’t be capable of something if you don’t try it.

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