10 Excellent Tips to make this Diwali more Special

10 Excellent Tips to make this Diwali more Special

Diwali, termed as Deepavali is one of the auspicious festivals celebrated all around India with much joy, enthusiasm, and happiness, Diwali is considered to be the festival of lights due to the colorful lights, crackers, diyas, etc. Deepavali falls on the month of Kārttikai, ie, between October and November according to the English Calendar.

Deepavali is celebrated in the countries namely India, Myanmar, Nepal, Mauritius, Srilanka, Guyana, Singapore, Trinidad & Tobago, Fiji, Malaysia, etc. and these countries provide an official holiday for Diwali.

How to make this Diwali a Superior one?

Cleaning, painting, going shopping, light lamps, rangolis, crackers, new clothes, making sweets are some of the effective routines everyone follows on the day of Deepavali, here are some of the fantabulous ways that can make this Diwali unique, special and useful.

Offer a Helping Hand

If you have decided to make this Diwali something useful, then the best way is to provide a helping hand to your mom or wife out there in the kitchen. You can help them in doing some kitchen, or any other Diwali works so that you will be able to enjoy together with your family members and therefore you can have memorable celebrations this year. Spending together can generate too much of fun and happiness.

Be a Santa Claus

Cleaning is one of the major things you do for Diwali, sorting out the unused stuff, clothes and other materials from your home is a usual thing. Make sure you are providing this item for the people who need those stuff.

Another brilliant idea is to hold some donation drive and ask your office mates to donate for it. There are too many organizations working towards helping the poor by donating clothes and other needed stuff for them so you can provide to them if you are not aware.

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Choosing the Best Fireworks

Diwali is incomplete without Firecrackers! Though there are too much of negatives arising from using the crackers, without them Diwali would look odd. You could shop crackers online or from any original manufacturers store for avoiding burns or injuries while bursting crackers.

Get eco-friendly fire crackers this Diwali, following the crackers safety precautions are also important as this can help in significant injuries. Have a safe and healthy Diwali by choosing the first quality original crackers from any reliable and reputed online brands or the efficient store.

Bring Out the Artist in You

Decorating the interior and exterior part of your home with colorful rangolis, flowers, lights, etc. is done on the day of Diwali, bring out the artist in you and provide a breathtaking look to your family members and neighbors visiting your home.

Care for the working Class

Pizza Boy, Electricians, Cops and many other profession classes need to be in work for other people to have a bright and safe Diwali. If you come across any working people, never fail to smile and provide a chocolate bar or greeting card so that they feel happy.

Community Firework Session

Poor children will not be able to firecrackers, wear new clothes or eat sweets on the day of Diwali; you can arrange a community firework session for these unprivileged children so that they will also get a chance for bursting crackers, enjoy the happiness and fun along with other people.

Let out Ethnicity

On the day of this Diwali, make use of earthen lamps instead of using technology advanced electronic lights. Get these lamps from the poor lamp sellers so that you provide them a chance of earning a few pennies. Wear traditional Indian costumes and show yourself as representing your culture.

Add Music to your Diwali day

Never fail to add up some enchanting events and musicals, this will help you to sing, dance and have fun along with your friends, family members, and neighbors.

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Spend time with your friends and Family

Many people do not spend their quality time on the day of Diwali with their families, so take a resolution that you will be together and have fun with your family for this Diwali.

Go Vegetarian

As a traditional festival, it would be good if you are avoiding meat and other nonveg items on the day of Diwali.

Celebrate this Diwali together, light up diyas and crackers for enlightening your inner souls. Share the happiness with others too for making this Diwali a Memorable and extraordinary one.

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