10 Unknown Facts About Hitler Diaries

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About Hitler

Hitler is a famous politician of German who belongs to the NaZi party. He became the Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945. Hitler initiated the World War II in September 1939 with the invasion of Poland. Hitler is considered as one of the famous and crucial political leaders in the world. He was born on April 20th, 1889 in Austria.

Here are the 10 unknown facts about Hitler’s diary

These are the secret of personalized diaries of Hitler

1. Hitler Health Issues

Hitler is suffered from a disease called flatulence and he took 28 different types of drugs to fight against this disease.

2.The art school rejected Hitler more than once

We all know about the failed art career o Hitler. This led to the repression in his life. Hitler applied to the art school for two times and he was rejected in those two times while in the second chance Hitler was not even allowed to attend the entry exams of the art school. Now also most of the art experts said that Hitler was a sub-par artist.

  1. Passion for German artists

Hitler loved iconic German artists and his attraction towards the German artists are seen in his work.This is because it is easy to paint the matching between the sketches of Hitler and the painting works of Hans Thoma, a painter. Some other German artists loved by Hitler are Lucas Cranach the Elder, Johannes Vermeer and Albrecht Durer.

  1. Hitler practiced by taking photos for speeches

For making speeches, Hitler takes photos of his self and practiced with it. He makes speeches by this way because he is so obsessed with his image.  He had a photographer called Heinrich Hoffman for taking photos of him like making speeches.

  1. Hitler was an uncontrolled spender

Hitler was not controlled in normal and he spent more on cars, clothes, champagne etc He spends money on everything and the only thing he didn’t spend any money is the “Income tax”. Being a leader, he wants to rich and that’s why he spends money on these things.

  1. Once Hitler was ordered to trim his mustache
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Hitler is famous for his mustache and he and his mustache together makes the best combination.  Unfortunately, during WWI service, Hitler was ordered to trim his moustache so it would fit for the gas masks. But, this didn’t work ad Hitler was gassed and blinded for some time in 1918.

  1. Hitler loves Disney

Disney is famous for its cartoon films and characters and it is loved by all people. Hitler also loves Disney and he loves the “Snow White” film for its impressive animation. Some saying reveals that Hitler also loves “King Kong” for its special effects. Hitler often watches these two films and some other war films repeatedly.

  1. Hitler’s passion with Wagner began before WWI

He felled upon Wagner at age 12 and he never looked back.

  1. Hitler had an army of talking dogs

Hitler and his henchman are surrounded with educated dogs and communicate with them by tapping paws, wagging the tails and barking.

  1. Hitler was a vegetarian

As a famous political leader, he eats only vegetarian food and he takes the food after testing it.

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