10 Unknown Myths About Corn Silks

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corn silk

Corn is also known as maize which yields largely in India and it is one of the most popular cereal grains in the world. The corn is the staple food in many parts of the world and there are more benefits too. Mostly corn is used in all fields such as in food, livestock feed, biofuel and raw material in industry and more. There are lots of varieties of corns. Cornstarch is used in many ways and they most often used as thickening agent for sauces, gravies, soups and other desserts. The cornstarch is highly imported by leading starch manufacturers in India.

The greenish cover surrounding the corn cob the layer of stringy stuff is known as corn silks. The corn silks can be used in both the farms fresh and dried. The corn silks are also used as a medicine to cure some diseases like congestive heart failure, high BP, Fatigue, and Cholesterol.  The corn silks contain proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, and fiber. The antiseptic and diuretic properties of corn silks help to cure infections that affect the urinary system. The anti-inflammatory and alkaline properties of corn help to fight against joint pains. Corn tea helps to decrease the inflammations in the throat and controlling the main symptoms of cold and flu.


Corn silks usage increases urine flow and decreases the chances of kidney stone formations. The vitamin K present in corn silks helps in blood clotting process. Nowadays a lot of people are suffering from hypertension and high blood pressure. The corn silks reduce the blood pressure and help to regulate blood sugar levels. The corn silks eliminate excess water and wastes from our body which helps people to fight obesity. The tea made from corn silks are very helpful for the people who have several skin problems. It deals with rashes and boils and eliminates the skin wounds due to itching and pain. The mineral which is important to the human body and it is essential for healthy living. The corn silks will retain the ideal level of sodium in your body and it balances the mineral level in our body.

Corn silks are mostly used by pregnant women in the lesser amount. But the larger amount of corn silks is really unsafe and it may lead to cause miscarriage.  If you are diabetes patient then avoid a large number of corn silks because it will interfere with blood sugar control directly. Make sure the corn should be organic and, in some supermarkets, they are loaded with pesticides which end in various health issues. Corn silks are used to treat many pets. The dosage of corn silks may vary and it depends on several factors such as age, health, and other conditions. Corn silk tea is recommended for athletes because it helps to soothe muscles tension also helping in rehydrate the body and keep your electrolyte levels in balance. Corn silks will recover you from edema, it occurs when the heart fails to function or it becomes weak.


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