10 Ways to Heat Up Your House This Coming Winter

10 Ways to Heat Up Your House This Coming Winter

10 Ways to Heat Up Your House This Coming Winter 1

Winters can get really chilly and there is no way one can imagine to survive in the cold winters without a heating system installed in the house. No matter how efficient your heating system is, it is still going to use up a lot of energy and looking at energy prices soar up the sky in the past decade it is inevitable that your pockets are going to take a hard hit. Well, you don’t really have to worry much because luckily going green is also an option and with the need of it more than ever there are green solutions to almost every energy-related problem that can be more beneficial to us and the environment. In UK, almost 70% of energy consumption is incurred due to the heating homes. Fuel poverty is on the rise too and it is high time that we switch to alternatives that is mutual to the environment as well.

  1. Use Bulky Curtains

One of the simplest ways to protect your house from losing the heat which has been trapped inside is to use thick and bulky curtains for your windows. There are options of using curtains which have a thermal lining along the edges that can provide more thermal insulation. If you weren’t already using curtains and do not wish to invest in them just for a few months you can use an old rug too. It’s not just the windows that can be covered but the doors stilts can be covered too.

  1. Use Aluminium Foil

Heat can be lost from the radiators, especially the ones which are attached to the external walls and steps should be taken to avoid that. A simple way to prevent that is to use aluminium foil to cover it from the rear. This will reflect the heat back to the room and save up some energy for the extra heating required. Special foils for this purpose are available in the market but even a simple kitchen foil would serve the purpose.

  1. Allow More Sunlight
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Avoiding the heat to escape by any means is the best way to retain the heat present in the house but before doing that make sure there is enough heat already present in the house. Allow as much sunlight as possible through the windows, doors and other openings when the sun is shining bright during the day and let the nature do its job. Windows and doors should be covered only as soon as dusk falls and the last rays hit your house. This way you can trap the maximum amount of heat in your house and retain it for a warmer house.

  1. Avoid Mini Draughts

In such cold winters when you are trying to avoid even opening the fridge to get something to eat just so save yourself from that few seconds of freezing even a mini draught entering through your mailbox or the keyhole can be scary. Mini draught often enters through the mailbox and your insulation that was trying hard to retain the heat inside is now an enemy since there is no heat to retain and all it will end up doing is retain the cold temperature of the house now.

  1. Protect the Chimney

A lot of heat is seen to be lost through the chimney. Most fireplaces nowadays are for show off and don’t really serve a purpose. There are methods like using insulators that avoid heat escape or using special balloons made for this purpose. At places like Falkirk and Stirling with their traditional chimneys this can be quite helpful. You can anytime contact the Wood Burning Stove Installers. It will shut the incoming cold air from the chimney and also prevent the hot air from escaping it.

  1. Draught Excluders

It is not just looking out for mini draughts but you need to take steps to stop it from entering and do not worry that the junk-mailers are going to have a hard time getting past it. It is a very simple trick that you can do before which make sure your dachshund is inside the house and you wouldn’t want to lock it outside. The flaps can be covered with a woollen insulation or by cutting an old sock and stuffing them with whatever you deem suitable. You can use different stuffing to fill up your sock like rice, pebbles or pulses.

  1. Steer Clear From your Radiators
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Do not place large pieces of furniture near the radiator. People often place sofas in front of the radiator, obviously for an aesthetic look to the living room but it might not be the best idea in winters as it absorbs a substantial amount of heat and will reduce the room temperature. Also, placing shelves right above a radiator will direct the hot air and prevent it from rising straight up.

  1. Insulate Walls, Ceilings and floorboards

Almost a third of the heat lost during winters is through the walls and the ceilings of the house. There are professional insulating solutions but those can be costly and simple methods of insulating roofs with a loft and cavity wall insulations can save money and serve the purpose at the same time. Also, keep looking out for schemes and offers for better insulation as it is always an economical investment. Using rugs and carpets on the floorboards are simple to avoid almost 10% of the total heat loss incurred during the winters.

  1. Upgrade your Boiler and Heating System

If these equipment in your house are more than 10-year-old it is better that you replace them with better models available in the market. Old systems like these have reduced efficiency and use up a lot of energy while resulting in disappointing outcomes. So, look for energy efficient systems and make them the next on your EMI list. Also wrap up your hot water tank if you have any to prevent the water from cooling down quickly and saving energy of having to heat it up more often than ever.

  1. Setting Timers

All these methods do not mean that you are not allowed to use your   heating system but all these are supposed to go complementary with your heating to give you the best results. Set scheduled timers to switch on and off your heating system to avoid unnecessary wastage of energy and resources. Do not always rely on the pre-set thermostat temperature and instead switch on the heater a while before that for efficient results.

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These were some very simple tricks to keep your house warm in the winters by yourself without the help of professionals and save up some energy for the future generations to come and abide by going green. Also, remember to shut rooms which are not in use and avoid the spread of hot air to a lot of places and keep it confined in the area you need it the most.

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