20 Must-Known Excel Technique for Professionals in 2021

skills to become a professionals - 20 Must-Known Excel Technique for Professionals in 2021
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skills to become a professionals - 20 Must-Known Excel Technique for Professionals in 2021
20 Must-Known Excel Technique for Professionals in 2021

In this blog post, we will discuss excel tips and excel techniques that are essential for professionals.

Excel is a productivity tool that has been around for many years. It’s not the newest app out there, but it still remains to be one of the most used programs in the workplace today.

This article gives you an idea about excel tips and excel techniques that have helped professionals improve their work in excel over the past few decades.

Microsoft Excel is a great tool. Microsoft first made it in 1985, and people use it for school, work, business, or personal reasons.

After Excel, many other computer programs were created. But until today, it is still popular. Its popularity has been rising in the past few years. So you see, if you have Excel skills and follow this blog, then you will be able to do well in your professional field!

Which skills should you learn first? There are a lot of them. I have filtered out 20 must-have skills that are important for professional purposes.

Entry-level administrative roles need these basic skills. They are the skills that most recruiters want.

Must-Known Excel Technique for Professionals

Data Filters

One of the most important Excel cells for professionals in 2021 is how to use data filters. When you know how to sort, hide and search for crucial bits of information in a spreadsheet anytime, you need to, and then it will be easier than ever before.

Data Sorting

Thinking about what you want to sort is one factor that will determine how difficult it is. Alphabetical order or reverse alphabetical order is probably the easiest sorting option as opposed to chronological order, for example, where numbers and letters across columns may not be in sequence.

Pivot Tables

These are tables that summarize and allow you to count, sum, and the average among other calculations according to the data you need. When learning how to do this, it becomes easier to crunch data for your business needs by using calculated totals in reports.

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This function will sum up cells that meet specific and multiple criteria. It is often used when adjacent cells meet criteria based on dates, text, and numbers. In other words, it’s a way of sorting data efficiently in a spreadsheet.


This function is a lot like SUMIF/SUMIFS, but it is used when cells are not adjacent. It’s often helpful for counting how many people who fit particular criteria exist in the spreadsheet you’re working with or excel technique for professionals

Excel Shortcut Keys

When you are working with Excel, you’ll get your work done faster if you learn how to use the shortcut keys. There are many of these keys that people use from the keyboard, not the mouse.

If you use the shortcut keys, you will save time when working on spreadsheets.


One necessary skill to cultivate is the ability to create charts using Vlookup. Data is important right now, so it can be assumed that excel skills that involve data presentation are highly desired by employers.

Cell Formatting

One of the basic and most important Excel skills is making sure cells are formatted correctly. If you have a lot to do, this will help save time instead of doing it one by one.

Managing Page Layout

One skill to have in your arsenal of Excel expertise is managing the page layout. Page layouts enable your spreadsheets to look and even print exactly as they should, so you can project competence and preparedness.

Data Validation

You can use data validation to control what others enter in a cell. Validating numbers ensures that other people enter correct values, and validating dates can ensure entries fall within a given date range, for example. This is only one of many tools in Excel which help you stay in control of any spreadsheets you create or work with.

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A workbook is a collection of spreadsheets housed in a single file. A workbook can be used to store related sheets all in one spot, which is especially helpful as you learn entry-level Excel skills.


One of the most skilled techniques in Excel is Vlookup. By using this, you can collate data from multiple sheets and workbooks into a central location which is perfect for creating reports.

Analysts, who are the hottest career right now, may have a leg up on the competition in utilizing these Excel skills.

Flash Fill

Flash fill is a way to fill out the information. It saves time and frustration. You can do this when you are at work as an Analyst, for example. This skill will save you a lot of time!

Pivot Charts

Excel Charts have traditionally been static, but Pivot Charts are interactive and give you the ability to filter information quickly.

Quick Analysis

This essential Excel skill is also a time-saver. It helps you create charts by reducing the time it takes to make data sets.

Power View

Power View is a tool that helps you find data and analyze it. It will give you all the information in an interactive way so people can see it. You can even export Powerpoint from Power View, which means you can show it to other people too.

Conditional Formatting

Excel can show you data points. You will learn many rules and how to use them. Excel is important if you want to be good at excel skills in 2021.

Moving Columns into Rows

When you are using a spreadsheet, sometimes you need the data to be in rows instead of columns. It is easy to do this trick if you know how.

IF Formulas

IF and IFERROR formulas are Excel conditional formulas that tell you what to do depending on whether or not certain conditions you set, like a score of 70, are met.

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Auditing Formulas

Formula auditing in Excel makes it easy to see the relationship between formulas and cells. This can help you find any mistakes or edits. It is an easy skill to learn with the right kind of training.

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People use Excel skills to help them find a job. If you want to have more opportunities for jobs, then take an excel course!

Excel is a good software program for business. You will learn new things about it. You can’t get bored with Excel because you’ll always be learning something new.

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