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You have been using many text editor to record, edit or save text for your work. Some of them is the Notepad, Text pad, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and few more. Microsoft is a massive tool which lets us to improve productivity by building great charts, use conditional formatting, help identify trends, bring data together, and many more.

Image credits: Pixabay
Image credits: Pixabay

It is vital to have expertise in Microsoft Excel and prepare to become a professional at it with these useful excel keyboard shortcuts. The real benefits in mastering these excel shortcuts is that you can time performing actions manually.

Useful Keyboard Shortcuts:

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  1. To format any selected object, press ”ctrl+1”
  2. To insert current date, press ”ctrl+;”
  3. To insert current time, press ”ctrl+shift+;
  4. To repeat last action, press ”F4”
  5. To edit a cell comment, press ”shift + F2”
  6. To autosum selected cells, ”press alt + =”
  7. To see the suggest drop-down in a cell, press ”alt + down arrow”
  8. To enter multiple lines in a cell, press ”alt+enter”
  9. To insert a new sheet, press ”shift + F11”
  10. To edit active cell, press ”F2” (places cursor in the end)
  11. To hide current row, press ”ctrl+9”
  12. To hide current column, press ”ctrl+0”
  13. To unhide rows in selected range, press ”ctrl+shift+9”
  14. To unhide columns in selected range, press ”ctrl+shift+0”
  15. To recalculate formulas, press ”F9”
  16. To select data in current region, press ”ctrl+shift+8”
  17. To see formulas in the worksheet, press ”ctrl+shift+` (ctrl+~)”
  18. While editing formulas to change the reference type from absolute to relative vice versa, press ”F4”
  19. To format a number as currency, press ”ctrl+shift+4 (ctrl+$)”
  20. To apply outline border around selected cells, press ”ctrl+shift+7”
  21. To open the macros dialog box, press ”alt+F8”
  22. To copy value from above cell, press ”ctrl+’ ”
  23. To format current cell with comma formats, press ”ctrl+shift+1”
  24. To go to the next worksheet, press ”ctrl + shift+ page down”
  25. To go to the previous worksheet, press ”ctrl + shift + page up”

So, we hope that you guys will make use of these quality shortcuts in your work. Do not need to use them immediately, gradually incorporate them into your daily tasks and see how you can simplify things by reducing the manual efforts.

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