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New years are always the best time to reflect on how your past has been and how to shape your current and future. Reflect on yourself by setting new intentions or expectations for the upcoming year, revisiting the past and initiating positive change on to your lives. We never know what is it that we were doing wrong unless we get clear on what we want, what to let go of and what to seek from the year ahead. Here we have brought you the best books that will transform your life for the better when you go through it.


When you start to feel that there is so little positivity only remains in this world, author Gabrielle Bernstein boost our belief in life with the book “The Universe Has Your Back”. Negativity brings a lot of fear on to our lives, and at times one may totally get lost into the world of negativity by reading what post in the newspapers and the social media. In this book, author elegantly teaches how to transform one’s life from fear to faith. Buy Now


It is not secret that most of the people out there in the world including you and I struggle with the thinking of what’s the future holds. We often forget to work on the current situation rather visualize the future based on current setbacks and that is not what we must do. In this book Abundance: The Future is better than you think, author have interestingly narrated about why the future is not bleak but better only. You get to read about innovators in each field where they making huge strides that promises a better tomorrow. Buy Now


Life is all about surprises and excitements, if you plan well then you can bring more happiness in to your life and others. This book helps you combine both the mindfulness and organization, as it lets you for self-reflection and keep up with your priorities in life. Prioritizing is the mastery to victory, as in recent times one can get busy with anything but choosing the one which will lift them up is the key to change. This book helps you to orient your goals, dreams and priorities for the upcoming year. Buy Now

You cannot expect a different outcome by doing the same old thing over and over again. Do you agree?

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