3D Printing To Market Your Business?? Here is Tips!!!

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3D printing is a process in which 3D solid objects are manufactured using a digital design. Using an additive process these are created. A 3D model acts as a physical representation of your product and facilitates to present your idea to your stakeholders and clients in a more efficient way. In order to judge the different qualities of a product, there can be no better way than making use of the 3D concept model. With low cost, you can get these models developed. It can help in determining the actual look and feel of a product. In the initial stage of marketing, these concept models take active participation in different marketing activities like promotions, photo shoots, advertisements etc.

Few tips to use 3D printing for marketing your business are discussed below

1) Designing innovative business cards

Making use of unique business cards will help in standing differently among the crowd. Why use old traditional business cards when you can make use of 3D printing to develop a creative and innovative business card. You can share these cards with your clients and other important people related to your business. To make sure that you create a positive image in your potential client’s mind it is must you give them a well-designed business card so that they might not have to think twice to connect with you.

2)Bind your Own Documents

The art of bookbinding is an ancient craft, which provides your document the look of a professionally finished book. Go ahead with the hardcover book binding and Notebook binding in multiple colors and style and track out your business sales. You can even jump to document your business strategies by using 3D printing.

2)  Give attractive giveaways to your customers

3D printing can offer with a wide variety of customized gifts. To show a sweet gesture to your customers and take an initiative to build a long-term relationship with them you can send giveaways. Try sending them some useful items. You can make use of your company’s logo in it. It will help in conveying a positive message that they are a valuable part of your business and you are looking to serve well in future as well with your quality products.

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3)  Creative product samples

If a product is not developed finally you can use its conceptual model to start with its marketing activities. While communicating with different people in order to promote your product you can make use of this physical model as it will give the look and feel of the actual product. Verbally presenting your concept in front of anyone won’t give a perfect understanding of your product. If you will make use of these physical models you will be able to convey different features about your products in a better way and successfully start with its marketing.

4) Run contests for customer participation

By making use of 3D printing you can run a design competition which will encourage people who are interested in your brand to design products for you. Some of the leading brands have used this marketing strategy for getting better customer engagement rate. Getting your product designed from your brand admirers has various advantages. This will ensure that people will support your new product launch. Before finalizing the design you can ask customers to even vote for the design which they like the most.

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