5 Highlights Of The 2021 KTM RC 200: It’s Coming to A Dealership Near You!

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Highlights Of The 2021 KTM RC 200
5 Highlights Of The 2021 KTM RC 200: It's Coming to A Dealership Near You! 13

Amid the RC range, KTM finally has decided to update the years-old RC 200. Unlike its sibling models, which have only had minor changes applied to them in 8 years, KTM outfitted this new model with a much wider variety of updated engineering and body components.

With the launch of the 2021 models soon approaching, here are 5 things that you may want to know about the new RC 200:

Fresh Styling

The 2021 KTM RC 200 features a bike that is completely new in every way. The fascia, the fairings, and even the motorcycle’s seats have been redesigned. Traditional saddles replaced its previously cowl-shaped seats.

The RC 200 has an excellent seat for the rider and an even better seat for the pillion. The headlight is stunning, and it features integrated turn signals.

More Stopping Power

The current KTM RC 200 has a 300mm disc upfront, but the company plans to use a 320mm disc on its upcoming motorcycle.

The new model’s disc is almost one kilo lighter than the one that currently graces the RC 200

Light On Its Feet

KTM wants to make their bikes lighter, and come 2021, and owners will see that reflected in the RC200. The frame is going to be lighter by 1.5kg, which coupled with bionic wheels that are 3.4kg lighter than current models reduces unsprung mass by 4.9kg altogether.

New LCD Console

One of the cooler new features on the RC 200 is a blue backlit instrument console borrowed from the KTM 250 Adventure. This LCD screen, which got an overdue update after 10 years on the outgoing model, provides key information in easy-to-read digits.

Heavy On The Pockets

KTM has gone up in cost as of late, and with the recent additional upgrades, it is expected to rise again by around Rs 7,000. This isn’t a high price tag for such an impressive bike, but it might make some people shy away from buying one if they are on a budget.

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The KTM RC 200 is a bike that, so far, looks like it’ll live up to the company’s reputation. With its new wide range of components and curb weight under 180kg, this motorcycle has what it takes to be one of their most popular bikes in years. The latest version will launch soon, with prices not yet released.

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