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Travelling is for everyone in this beautiful world but in some cases, it may not end up with the happiness as we expect. Whatever the travel budget choice of yours, either be luxurious travel or the cheap budget travel there are few common things which will help your big time. As everyone of us travel to see the world and enjoying having fun along the way. At times, we get struck by unexpected frustrations that can be sorted if pre-plan our travel by the following smart traveler tips.


This may sound funny as most of the travelers try to utilize this hack tip but still we end up with frustrations carrying heavy backpack with items which are not really worth carrying on to our fun journey. So, when you plan for your next travel destination then make sure you pack only things that are truly needed along the way.

For example: You do not need to carry as many pants for as many days you spend in the destination country rather you should carry Jeans pants which you can wear for more than a day. If you are one a week-long travel then packs just two Jean pants which you can wear for a couple of days without issues.

Source: optimisetravel
Source: optimisetravel

OFFLINE MAPS                                                                                             

There are plenty of offline maps available these days to help travelers out with all the required information. Choose the one you like and download the offline map of your travel destination.

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This helps to avoid unwanted frustration while navigating from place to place. How about getting a Tuk Tuk ride in Thailand and feeling unsafe during the ride? Sometimes you have to be careful even though it looks like everything is fine.


This is definitely a super cool hack for cheap budget travelers who could not afford a power bank to keep their device charged all the time. Once after reaching your travel destination you are not going to use your mobile phone all the time, in this case just put the phone in airplane mode which will save other apps from consuming the phone battery.

Source: cntraveler
Source: cntraveler


Nowadays we have got plenty of applications online to help us with the local language for communication while traveling to a non-native country. But we suggest you to learn a bit of the local language as well, this helps to bond well with the locals as they may feel overjoyed when they notice a foreigner trying to speak their language.


There is no problem in tasting the local food but still you got to undertake precautionary steps before putting anything on to your mouth. In the travel community, people are fascinated to try out the local street foods in the foreign countries and that can be welcome. But, at times it would not be the most appetizing food to intake when you are having a slight upset with your stomach. So, don’t always eat the street food for budget or other reasons rather try for a few times and always opt for healthy food intake whenever possible.

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