5 Social Media Practices To Improve SEO

5 Social Media Practices To Improve SEO 1
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5 Social Media Practices To Improve SEO

5 Social Media Practices To Improve SEO 2

SEO and social media marketing go hand in hand. One is incomplete without the other. Social media marketing is a massive part of any business to grow these days. In times of such great competition, there are certain things one needs to keep in mind in order to produce content that is good enough for social media. Building a credible brand profile, trust among business owners and customers, generating leads, etc. everything depends on social media to the fullest extent. Here’s a rundown of what you can do on social media to improve your business website’s SEO.


  1. Increasing Followers

First and foremost, once you’ve created a social media page or two for your website and business, it is most important to get followers. You need your target audience to follow you on all your social media profiles so that they can reach you whenever required and vice versa. Sydney SEO and the likes can provide similar suggestions and services to turn your brand into a credible and trustable one on social media. As a tool for SEO, social media can easily take your brand to the next level and continue to elevate it if you make use of it the right way.


  1. Social Media Profile Ranking

Google has evolved a lot when it comes to SEO, and social media has played a significant role in that. Search engines will now not only look at your page ranking but also focus on the credibility of your social media profile. Whether or not your social media brand profile ranks in the top numbers is now a matter of concern. Users will trust your business on basis of this ranking, so it is naturally more important to focus on how you are doing on the Google search algorithm. There are various tools to ensure you can stay on top of the game, which you can find out through your social media profiles.

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  1. Keywords According To Social Media Search Engines

Social media websites and apps have their own search engines. People find it a lot easier and more preferable to search for things on their preferred social media app than going to Google for it. You may have customized your business profile keywords according to Google, but they also need to be updated for your social media platforms as well. SEO also takes into account the kind of keywords people might use to search for your business related fields on social media. If you focus on related keywords for this purpose, it minimises the risk of getting overlooked.


  1. Sharing

So you’ve got a social media profile, and you’ve got a good number of followers as well. But unless your content is shared across these platforms, it might not do much good to have created it in the first place. If your target audience shares or refers others to your social media page, you get more visibility and traction too. Sharing is very important on social media as a SEO tool and should be utilised to the fullest. Paid features are also available for such circumstances to ensure you get exactly what you require and it goes directly to your target audience.


  1. Location Specific Optimization

Just like Google now uses the location of users to optimize your website, social media also does the same. Optimizing your search results according to the location can increase your follower base in your nearby area, thereby creating a bigger and more precise audience that you can easily cater to.


With a few tips and tricks here and there, you can improve your social media SEO by leaps and bounds. This not only helps your business grow but also increases popularity. As a tool, social media is the ideal way to make sure you stay within the loop of developing SEO practices and not lag behind. Keeping social media as a priority when trying to grow your business will only make your website and brand stronger and give it more credibility. It’s time to gear up your brand profile on social media.

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