5 Things to Look for in Accident Attorneys

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Experienced attorneys, when suited, will undoubtedly ensure that you receive every amount of the monetary compensation you’re legally entitled to. However, accident attorneys are far more specialized than “social case” lawyers, and there are several things you should know when you’re searching for one.

  1. Word of Mouth


One of the most important things you should investigate is the attorney’s reputation in the community. Ideally, you want to hand your case over to someone who is socially accepted as a stand-up professional. Word travels fast in towns, and there is no better way to “gauge” the experience of someone than how past clients have reacted.

  1. Bar Associations

Bar associations often have referral services. These services list the names of lawyers who, according to their specialty within the legal system, may be available to present your case and—if need be—take it to court. This means you will find attorneys and law firms who have been selectively screened due to meeting certain qualifications and experiences. Be wary of those who do not appear in the lists that bar associations produce.

  1. Negotiating

Insurance adjustors are skilled at the art of negotiating and may not present you will the full entitlement amount you’re owed. (In the event that the accident isn’t your fault and is the fault of their client’s.) The fact is: adjustors are professionally trained to save their company as much money as possible and will not offer you more than necessary to settle a case. Skilled accident lawyers are masters at negotiating, and know how to speak the insurance adjustor’s “language”.

  1. Analyse Them More Closely

Once you’ve selected a handful of applicants you want to handle your case, look to see whether they represent plaintiffs or defendants more often. Now that you’ve “whittled” your list of attorneys down, it’s time to hold a magnifying glass to their credentials and really study them – to make sure that the motorcycle accident attorney you choose is right for you, and can without a doubt win your case. For example, a lawyer who primarily represents defendants may be biased against you, as they have ties to countless insurance companies and “know insiders.” Plus, a few law firms are known to pass cases around between attorneys as soon as the main one (the one you hired) becomes unavailable – due to any number of reasons. Therefore, it’s important to find out which lawyer (or lawyers, if the case may be) has responsibility for the case.

  1. Is He / She A Rider?

Do you understand the motorcycle law of your state? Every motorcyclist should. But do you personally understand the motorcycle laws of surrounding states, should you find yourself in those states? Protecting your legal rights establish forms of liability to the courts – helping put the odds in your favour. Motorcycle accident attorneys that have “walked the walk” by being as entrenched and knowledgeable about riding, as opposed to merely representing riders, will make the gap in your relationship a lot easier.


No matter whom you decide to take on as your attorney and represent your case, always be sure to present them with every single document you get your hands on. This means getting a hold of all police reports, medical records and medical bills (including prescription drugs), information regarding any job income losses due to injuries, as well as all correspondences you’ve had with the other party’s insurance company. In matters like this, the more information that the qualified professional has, the better it is for you.


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