7 Signs You Are Going to Be Successful – Patrick Bet David

7 Signs You Are Going to Be Successful - Patrick Bet David 1
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All of us living on the planet earth has a pursuit to become successful and regularly pushing our boundaries to conquer new things. In order to become successful, there are no foolproof methods present but there are attributes like being Disciplined will lead us to where we want to be.

After analysing hundreds of successful people irrespective of whether they are alive now or not, Mr Patrick Bet David created a video with the following signs which leads one to be successful. So go through the seven signs and let us know how many are in line with your lives and comment where you are struggling to move forward, we will discuss on it.

Sign #1 – Be Competitive

Stay competitive on your game and never mind who are against with, it is after all for your growth. A person who wants to succeed will have the attitude of highly competitive in any game he/she plays into. Whether you are playing a video game with your friends or working on a problem to fixing a leaking pipe, you have to be competitive with your colleagues or friends in a healthy way. Competitiveness nothing but taking everything as a challenge which subconsciously put you into succeeding rather feeling shame to try to accomplish any stuff.

Next time when you are doing some work, taking it as a challenge and try to finish it by simplifying it in a creative way. Being Competitive does not always have to be with others, you can challenge your previous accomplishments and push to do better and that’s how successful personalities achieve greatness. So really think about how competitive minded you were for the last time?

Sign #2 – Finish Things

Successful people finish the task they have taken in their hands. They will not give up on it if they come across a hurdle. Whenever you put yourself into a task make sure you finish the task completely rather giving up after a certain amount of try. Consider the quote of Muhammad Ali, who says “I don’t count my sit-ups, I count only when it hurts and that is when it really matters”. So next time when you struggling with a given task, try to find ways to complete it. Ask others for help, don’t shy away. People will help if you just ask them.

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Successful people concentrated on finishing things rather summing it up for doing later. When you finish off a task even after facing a massive amount of struggle, your brain receives messages that you can do anything and therefore for obvious reasons you will become successful. So think about recent activities and list down how many things how have finished off?

Sign #3 – Surround yourself with people better than you

You are the average of five people you spend your most time with. Consider you are spending time with people better than you, then think about what it does to you?. When you are with friends who are better at things than you, then you have the chance to learn how they are making it possible. Better people doesn’t have to be older than you, they just have to be more skilful than you.

Imagine you are spending time with a boy who plays better chess than you and you are interested in learning the sport of chess. You tend to learn from him, so don’t completely evade of less skilful people rather try to learn from the better people and helpless skilful to become great. Successful people not only thinks for themselves, but they think of others after improving their level of the game. Think about your surroundings and calculate whether you spend your time with better people?

Sign #4 – Be specific on your target

In the current era as some name it as the “age of stupid”, if we are really focused on specific things then you are likely to succeed. Consider with the help of the Internet technology, one can learn almost anything online and with enough practice offline as it requires he/she can become successful. So rather thinking about getting successful at every single thing, try to concentrate specific things and spend your precious time on them to become successful. Do you think successful people became successful to many things, No.

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Let’s take Sachin Tendulkar for example, did he became successful in several numbers of sports? No. He concentrated on Cricket, and spent all his time on one single thing and look at the ovation he receives from any crowd in the world. Likewise, Tom Hanks took Acting, Cristiano Rolando took Football, Roger Federer took Tennis and the list goes on. Analyse yourself and check out whether you got the sign of being specific to be successful.

Sign #5 – He’s going places

See, when you do crazy things where the average skips to ignore it, then you must be going places. All of us got the same amount of opportunity in this world, I am sure you would have heard or read this earlier. The reason why Patrick mentioned again in his video is because you will be noticed by your surroundings when you are successful and they will certainly let you know.

Think about your colleagues who create a video the last week and it got 1 Million reach within a week. People will wish him for work and that is the sign of him going places and most probably successful in the longer run. What your surroundings have to say about you, never mind the negatives. Just go do crazy things you love and become successful.

Sign #6 – Always Learning

Those who are with constant desire to learn new things and improvise their craft will become successful. So the next time when you get the long weekend, don’t throw yourself at a party all the time rather spend time learning new things.

When the average person spends time chit chatting and enjoying, you are there reading a book or an article in line with your passion. This reflects in your knowledge and by effectively utilising them your work, it will lead you to be successful. Are you learning new things regularly on your favourite craft or just one time?.

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Sign #7 – Extremely Obsessive

People who are extremely obsessive about things are the ones who certainly succeed. Utilise in a positive way, when you want something just go get it rather being stopped by your inner voice or thinking what others would say and all. When you have accomplished success, then people will only say you are good and at that time they will never mock about how funny you were when you crawl up to the top.

So imagine yourself standing on a walking escalator, what would happen? You would just be taken backwards. If you are walking on it, then you will make a little progress or at least stay at the same place rather taken behind. So be obsessive and hustle on the walking escalator of life and look where you will be?. “Walking escalator” is used for explaining purposes by comparing it with life, don’t try to hustle on it as it is only for walking. Push yourself harder and hustle on your way to become successful in LIFE.

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So how many of the above signs you are already comprised of?. Even if it is just one, you are really good. I want to make a note here, that the above are not the absolute seven principles for success rather it might help you in achieving greatness. As already mentioned there is no 100% fool proof to become successful at anything as you have to experiment the common things successful people used to succeed and reinvent the one which suits your style to be successful.


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