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Are you tired of being unproductive?

Do you want to become more disciplined in your work but need some help?

This blog post has 14 great tips that will help anyone get started on the path to being more productive. Tips include things like establishing a clear morning routine and setting up an accountability system.

The goal is simple: find what works best for you and stick with it!

Here are 14 tips that will help you in your journey:

Acknowledge the Craving for a Break

We all have the impulse to take breaks after working for a while. This is not always bad, but acknowledging it and then coming up with an alternative can be helpful in staying disciplined. Perhaps you decide that instead of taking a full 30-minute break during your workday, you will only allow yourself 15 minutes or so between tasks.


Every time you feel that craving for a break, try to think of what would be the best way to reward yourself with this break. This will help keep your energy and focus up!

Save Your Willpower

Willpower is limited, so try to save it for the tasks that are most important. Set up a plan of what you will do with your willpower and stick to it!

Make Your To-do list Specific.

To do list - 7 Tips to be More Discipline

If your task seems too big or overwhelming, break it down into smaller parts. This can be done by making an explicit list of precisely what needs to happen in order for this project to successfully come to fruition. This way, there isn’t as much room for confusion about where you need to start!

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You’ll also feel more accomplished when finishing each step on the list because they’re going towards a specific goal. It’s hard sometimes not knowing how close we are getting, but feeling like we’re progressing is better than no progress at all.

Find Accountability Partners

Accountability Partners - 7 Tips to be More Discipline

We are more likely to stick with a plan when we have someone else who is also committed to it!

It can be as simple as saying that you’ll buy lunch for the friend who wakes up earlier than you do on any day they did, or maybe just agreeing that if one person breaks their promise, then they owe the other some form of compensation like an ice cream sundae.

Reward Yourself Along The Way

Reward Yourself - 7 Tips to be More Discipline

There will always be a lot of things competing for your attention and time – this makes achieving anything difficult.

If you allow yourself small rewards along the way through, it might make “making progress” seem less daunting because there’s something in store at every turn.

Acknowledge what you’ve accomplished so far and give yourself a short break or reward to keep you going.

Find Your Rhythms

It might take some time, but finding your own rhythms in terms of when to work best will help you become more disciplined. This is just something that comes from trial and error because everyone’s body has different needs for sleep, food intake breaks between tasks, etcetera!

If it feels like there isn’t enough time in the day, then maybe try rearranging your schedule so that things don’t overlap as much – this way, nothing seems overwhelming, and everything can be done within a reasonable amount of time. 

Experiment with what works until you find what fits into your life best!

Break Down Tasks Into Chunks

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with how much needs to be done and the time available, it can help immensely just looking at a task in smaller pieces.

It’s also okay if these chunks seem trivial – they will add up over time!

Give Yourself Breaks Between Tasks

Sometimes we get so caught up in what we are doing that it leads to burnout or exhaustion. It’s important not only for your physical health but mental well-being too to take breaks every now and then.

This includes things like walking outside during lunch (weather permitting), listening to music while working, getting some exercise on break, or going for a short stroll around the block before returning back to work. The point is simply this: let yourself relax sometimes!

Setting Boundaries With Yourself And Others

It’s important to realize that it’s not always possible for us to work on a project non-stop. We have lives, commitments, and other things outside of just our projects or jobs! It can be difficult setting boundaries with others, but in the end, we will feel better about ourselves when we say no because it is necessary (and even appreciated) at times.

Setting limits also includes knowing what hours you’re available, so nothing gets missed during those periods – this helps keep your life organized and prevents any unnecessary stress from arising.

Start A Project Log

If you find yourself feeling like there isn’t enough time in the day, then maybe try writing down everything that needs to get done every day.

This includes what you need to do and how much time it will take.

It’s a great way of knowing where your time is going every day so that you can adjust accordingly if necessary! You’ll also feel more accomplished when finishing each step on the list because they’re going towards a specific goal. It’s hard sometimes not knowing how close we are getting, but feeling like we’re progressing is better than no progress at all.

Use Visual Reminders 

There are tons of apps and websites out there that will help you stay on task!

Some people find it helpful to use calendars, planners, or even visual reminders like post-it notes (especially near your workstation). What’s important is finding what works for you – the goal is not feeling overwhelmed, so try a few different things until something clicks into place.

Keep Bad Habits Difficult

If there are certain habits that you’re trying to break, then it will be wise to make them difficult for yourself. For example, if you want to stop watching TV after work, then don’t have the remote close by; or if you want to start eating healthier and working out more but find it hard when tempted with your favourite snacks – remove them from the house altogether!

Finish One Thing Before Beginning Another

Often people do different tasks in a day without finishing one before moving onto another. This can lead to feeling overwhelmed because everything seems urgent at once but doesn’t need our full attention right away. Force yourself (or otherwise) into completing one thing before starting on something else so they feel less daunting and we know what needs to get done first.

Get Help/Mentored

There are many coaches and mentors who help you in getting you disciplined. Reach out to them and join their program!


These tips will help you to become more disciplined. By being disciplined, you’re able to be more effective at work and in life!

Do comment your views below and share this article with your friends who might need to read this to become more disciplined.

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