8 Funny Reasons to watch Hateful Eight

Hateful Eight

Quentin Tarantino is an enigma. His unique style of movie making have evoked contrasting and varied responses from critics and audience, Hateful Eight is no exception to that. Here are 8 funny reasons you should be watching Hateful Eight.

P.S: This is just not intended to criticize or hurt anyone.

NO LANGUAGE BARRIER: It’s a language independent movie. Even though the characters speak in English, it’s not gonna make sense unless you are passionate about American history.

Language barrier

NO EMOTIONAL QUOTIENT: You’ll ever feel for any character in the movie (The movie stays true to its title). For the first time you know what rational thinking is!!!!

No Emotional Quotient

ZERO LISTENING SKILLS: You don’t need to pay attention to the conversations unless you like listening offensive terms like m*****r f***r, b*****d… and the list goes on.

Zero Listening Skills

POPCORN ENTERTAINMENT: With its slow pace and a running time of 187 minutes, you would be busy munching your large bucket butter popcorn. You have ample time to even try new items from food menu.

Popcorn Entertainment

ATTAIN SAINTHOOD: By the time the movie ends, your patience would have been tested enough and still if you walk out cool and composed… Believe me you found Inner peace.

Inner Peace

YOU FEEL GOOD AND STRONG: There are worst things in this world other than you and you are lucky enough to see it.

Feel Good

IDEAL REVENGE WEAPON: Holding a deep grudge against someone, this is your best bet.


YOU BLOG: One way or other, this movie will tempt and motivate in writing down your thoughts.


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