8 Things To Know When Creating Video For Youtube

Only in recent years, YouTube has witnessed an unmatched mass rise in its usage and popularity. Its ability to aggregate video makers and viewers seamlessly has established the high stature of the application in an era of rapid technological shift. It’s not surprising that around 2.2 billion people on our planet use YouTube. That accounts for almost 26% of the global population.

Indeed, the ever-increasing audience base connotes an inflating demand for new kinds of content on the platform. Here’s where the content creators enter the stage.

8 Things To Know When Creating Video For Youtube 1

However, to satisfy this craze for novelty and establish the brand identity of their YouTube channel, video makers have to take into account certain aspects before beginning their journey. Following are the key 8 things to know while creating video for YouTube.

1. Know Your Audience

Though it has already been said enough, let’s hear it again: Niche is good, broad is bad. This rule has many advantages and is a proven bigtime success. Understanding the demand of a small collective audience is both easier and practical than knowing a non-overlapping broad base. 

Moreover, it’s more profit-friendly to target a niche than an over-competitive open market, according to the set rules of business.

Having said that, YouTube yet entails an advantageous community and not a stiff competition. Researching what other creators are doing for your chosen audience will give you in-depth learning of their tapped and untapped demands. In addition, collaborating with and getting promoted by already recognized YouTubers can give a huge kickstart to your channel.

2. Video Presentation

Creating a good impression on your viewers, from your first video, pays well in the long run. Even with an average script, a well-directed and edited film lures the audience to watch it till the end. The same applies to YouTube videos. Half your job is incomplete until you’re able to deliver a high-quality edit of your videos.

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Since it can be tedious for most people to use the professional editing software, there are many other simpler tools available like InVideo’s youtube movie maker that can create a well-designed and professional-looking video in way less time.

3. Sticking to the Narrative

Videos with an underlying visual story are more impactful and engaging – a proven fact per se. To create good content, one must always focus on the narrative side to it, considering the platform is most dominated by good visual storytellers. 

Even if your content category doesn’t support long-form stories, it is always better to collate snippets having a beginning, a middle and an end (the ground rule of storytelling). 

This rule facilitates creating a series of videos under the same umbrella. The ‘Playlist’ option of YouTube can come handy in this case. Out of the two major content categories, namely Informative Content, and Entertainment, we recommend choosing a middle ground called Infotainment, that entails both the important ingredients for better engagement.

4. Video Production Setup

Though it is possible to create a video only by collating and editing the template videos but shooting your own video is widely used to open up diverse possibilities and variations in your content. 

To begin with, a smartphone camera and an XLR-cabled studio mic are good enough to generate quality footage. Since lights and reflectors are expensive to have, using natural light is recommended for production. You should ensure continuity in your shooting style.

5. Branding your Channel:

Having a coherent brand identity helps in building a lasting impression of your channel. For starters, it is important to have a logo and the trailer video on your channel page in place. Both of these elements must have a single line of thought and should create a memorable perception of your channel.

Moving forward, don’t forget to use the logo in your videos. For better presentation, watermarked logos in templatized videos must be avoided. InVideo is a free video editor no watermark which could be your first step towards professional video content.

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6. Customization

Three key aspects that YouTube considers while recommending it to other viewers are clicks, user retention, and engagement (likes, shares and subscribes). Moreover, a long video is known to perform better than a short one on the platform.

Customizing your video according to YouTube will make it easily searchable by the users and would also make them click on it. Using the right tags (keywords), while customizing, improves the probability of finding your video. A catchy title and an eye-catchy thumbnail are the next steps in the Customizing process.

7. Audience Feedback

Once you’ve created and posted a few videos, the audience base will begin to grow organically. To enrich this nascent stage of your channel, emphasis should be given to feedback and improvement. 

For analysis, video comments are a great indicator, apart from YouTube Analytics. The latter will impart you comprehensive knowledge about your users, their likes and dislikes, and what kind of content works and what doesn’t.

8. Levelling up

After you’ve set up the foundation stone of your channel through the above steps, then comes the time to optimize it. Begin by gaining a stronghold on YouTube Analytics – finding new insights and expanding your demography. 

A professional camera and other equipment would further up the game. Later, ads monetization and influencer marketing can be put to play.


Once you have created the video for YouTube, keeping all our guidelines in mind, you can now customize the same video for other Platforms. InVideo offers you various options of converting your video to suit other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. 

It is an important aspect of marketing yourself because when someone can find you and your content on all available platforms, they tend to take you more seriously or have a serious look at your content. 


Well, now, with that bonus, you are ready to get out there and conquer the world of YouTube. We wish you only the very best and hope to be subscribers to the amazing content that you are going to create with our amazing Video editing tools. 

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