8 Videos for a ROUGH Day: Motivational TED Talks

8 Videos for a ROUGH Day: Motivational TED Talks
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Are you feeling down, stressed, or unmotivated? Do you lack inspiration? Is it a bad day at work while you’re sitting at home amid the epidemic. Here are ten of the best TED Talks to get you through a bad day at work while still being able to sit at home and enjoy your life.

8 Videos for a ROUGH Day: Motivational TED Talks
8 Videos for a ROUGH Day: Motivational TED Talks

How to Make Work-life Balance Work By Nigel Marsh

According to Nigel Marsh, work-life balance is far too essential to be left in the hands of your employer. Marsh outlines a day with equal parts family time, personal time, and productivity – along with some powerful motivation to make it happen.

Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work By Jason Fried

According to Jason Fried, most people are not able to work effectively because they don’t feel like they’re in the right environment. He criticizes the two primary offenders (the M & M&Ms) and offers three suggestions for properly getting the job done.

The Museum of Four in the Morning By Rives

In his free time, Rives has been collecting and curating references to 4 a.m. in art, culture, and elsewhere under the moniker The Museum of Four in the Morning. He began the collection after giving a TED2007 speech titled The 4 a.m. mystery, which was a performance mocking “conspiracy theories” about 04

How to Get Back to Work After a Career Break By Carol Cohen

Would you consider working as an intern if you’ve taken a career break and want to return to the workforce? According to career reentry specialist Carol Fishman Cohen, you should. Hear about Cohen’s own experience returning to work after a career break, her work championing the success of “relaunchers” and how employers are changing how they engage

Living Beyond Limits – Amy Purdy

Amy Purdy was 19 years old when she lost both of her legs below the knee. And now, at age 30, she’s a professional snowboarder (and a great “Dancing with the Stars” competitor!). In this inspiring talk, she demonstrates how to take inspiration from life’s challenges.

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Should we cry at work? – Susan David and Modupe Akinola

Feelings are delicate. And work-related emotions are even more complex. We like to believe that the best professional is emotionless, but what vital information do we lose when we ignore our feelings at work?

In this video, Harvard psychologist Susan David assists us in breaking away from the “tyranny of positivity” and expressing all of our feelings. Host Modupe Akinola applies this concept to the workplace during a discussion about how she shed tears during a meeting with coworkers after the presentation.

Your elusive creative genius – Elizabeth Gilbert

In this video, Elizabeth Gilbert ponders the unachievable goals we place on artists and geniuses; and she offers a revolutionary concept that every one of us “has” a genius. It’s a hilarious, personal, and unexpectedly affecting discourse.

The myth of bringing your full, authentic self to work – Jodi-Ann Burey

Calls for authenticity at work are intended to attract people who are passionate and have diverse, new ideas that question traditional thinking. However, far too often, workplace culture fails to accommodate professionals of color and other underrepresented groups, resulting in a backlash and fewer opportunities. Jodi-Ann Burey discusses ways to acknowledge privilege and achieve genuine equality on the job.


How many times have we heard this phrase, “a bad day at work?” Sometimes the phrase is overused, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. We all have those days where we cannot seem to get anything right, and everything just seems to be going wrong. On a rough day at work, these TED Talks will help motivate you through your struggles so you can come out on top with a smile instead of a frown.

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