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Cricket is a beautiful game even though one might try to lower its beauty by comparing with Soccer/Football. Every sport in this world have got a beauty that can be only perceived by selective people.

There are games like Squash which doesn’t make sense most of the people but still played to be in the global as it got some people who loving it.



Coming back to Cricket, here we will look after one major player in the game which is the Pakistan international cricket team. On one specific occasion, the Pakistan cricket team were pushed to touch the unimaginable feat.

source: espncricinfo
source: espncricinfo

No offence to them, but they should be proud of it. Enough of the hyper, so what it actually is? Everyone in the playing eleven (11) got the Man of the Match (MoM) award in a game against England.

source: espncricinfo
source: espncricinfo


This happened during an ODI on September 1st 1996, in which Pakistan was facing England. Pakistan won the match against England but no one in the Pakistan team made a stand out performance. Most of the players contributed with taking a minimum of wickets or scoring a minimum or runs. This made the umpire to decide on who could be the Man of the Match award winner?

After quite a moment of discussions, it is announced that they couldn’t find any single player to be awarded with the MoM title. So, they have decided to give the award to the entire team where luckiest of the player who scored a “duck” has even got the award on that fine day, lol.

source: theguardian
source: theguardian

Well, irrespective of it being made an appreciation or mockery, it is a welcoming moment for the playing 11. Things like these could not even be produced with focused intentions too. One can go after scoring a hundred but he/she cannot think of scoring a century in far less balls. The current world record stands for 31 ball century hit by South African player AB De Villiers.

Moments like these make any sport truly interesting as it brings out the humorous side of the game to the public. Which by itself brings laughter not only in the one who have it but to everyone who witnessed it. England would have definitely find that awkward but having a smile on their face.


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