Add a Warm Shine To Your Wedding With Colorful Sparklers – Party Ideas

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Lights are the charm of every ceremony. Colorful sparkles enlighten our moods and set ambiance in any ceremony. Moreover, lights are an essential component for brightening up the soul of any event. These days young couples are more engaged in eco-friendly weddings as environmental issue got everyone and people are aware of its effects and harmful actions of how human activities which affecting our mother earth. The eco-friendly wedding is not only good for eco-system they are budget friendly as well. To cut out the waste of fake decoration and air pollutants substances like candles and firecrackers people are opting for alternatives like order crackers online and real flowers. To add shine to your wedding with colorful electric sparkles, here are some sparkling ideas to brighten up your wedding venues without hurting the environment.

Replace Candles with Electric Candles

Illuminating candles create an extremely romantic atmosphere and save electricity. However, as we know, they are made of paraffin, which emits harmful toxins into the environment. Instead of wax candles, you can use rechargeable or electric candles with the effect of flickering flame. To make them look more attractive place them in long neck glasses and use multiple colored candles. Place them in the center of tables and let them do their magic to your venue. It is also children friendly idea.


Create the mood board of the things inspired to you or theme you wanted to go for. Pre-planning tends to give better results most of the time.  Inspiration board will help you to stick with the plan and will help others to understand the wedding theme as well. To create your mood board start gathering pictures of things or articles, those inspired you. Put them together on board; pick up the prominent color popping aloud from theme board. Hola, mark it as the color of the wedding theme.

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Stardust Dance Floor

Lights are perfect outset to bring bling in your place. There are more countless ways to use them to lighten up your venue like a stardust dance floor, set up the net of colorful sparklers  above the floor like a shining galaxy of stars. There is nothing better than their romantic glow for your first dance together.

Finally, feel free and be experimental with them. Highlight wedding cake with flickering sparklers, use extra panels from room dividers, which are no longer in use to become personalized photo displays and share the story of your romance and relationship with guests. To make panels visible at night do not forget to put some lights on them. Work according to your mood board. Just remember, that your features should complement the venue and somehow all of your efforts will turn out immaculately praiseworthy.

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