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In addition to promoting productivity and purifying the air, adding a green touch to your workplace provides proven health benefits. But window-free cubicles and uninterrupted water schedules can mostly bring varieties of plants in early death. By choosing one of these air purifications, mood-boosting varieties, avoid trapping you with a miserable plant graveyard at your desk which is almost impossible to kill. We will talk about the top 5 plants for your office, which can give it a change!


Add some color to the comfort of your workstation with these lively South American jungle plants. Not only do they come in different colors, but there are innumerable textures for their performance. Universe plants grow on tree branches, so they prefer fluorescent office lights on natural direct sunlight. This plant needs a bit more care in this list than others – it constantly likes water

Snake Plant

The hard nature of Sansevieria with chain link fence also called the snake plant or mother tongue of a mother-in-law, means that you can become a partner who is with you till retirement. When it comes to size, all snake plants are not made equal, and you should carefully read the plant label to avoid having to choose from several feet high specimens.

English Ivy

Soften the hard lines of your table with the back plant like the English ivy, for which only need to grow inside the middle light and average water inside the house. If the previous nature of the iv becomes very enthusiastic, then wrap your iv tender around the trellis or wire obelisk for the living piece of art.

Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe Vera plants are easy to grow, as long as you supply them with an essential component: very bright light If your desk is near the sunny window, then apply it and forget about it, because these silks require water only in a few weeks.

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Lucky bamboo

The common name lucky bamboo is not really one of the more than 100 genres of true bamboo; Rather, the Dracula is related to the sanderiana corn plant, another easy home-growing home Occasionally the producers shape the size of a lucky bamboo shape in a spiral shape such as spiral, knitting, or even heart. Left to your own equipment, the fate of lucky bamboo will ultimately increase your trained size, but the plants grow slowly. Lucky bamboos require little light, and rises without soil when strains are submerged in water, but make sure that the level of water does not sink under the stems or the plants cannot be cured by this extinction.


Contrary to popular belief, cacti do not need to increase the full sunlight – they are fully satisfied with the pvc fence and fluorescent office lighting system. They have a very shallow root system, so it can be placed in a small utensil and will not take much space. Ideally, you should make it a point for water once a week, however, because of their biological structure, they can actually survive for a month in place of your office without water.

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