Adobe Brackets – an open-source html, css & javascript code editor

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Brackets is an open-source product of Adobe, it is a HTML code editor which is built in HTML, CSS & Javascript. Brackets is free software licensed under the MIT license, hosted on Github.

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Brackets Highlights

  • Clutter free clean code editor

    No panels, icons and tool bars, it directly focuses on Quick Edit (ctrl+e) in line providing context-sensitive access to your content without taking you away from the code.

  • Runs in browser

    It is designed to run and sync with browser, you can code and see the visual display in browser. So you are allowed to design and develop in the same environment where you will deploy it.

  • You can build it

    It is built in HTML, CSS and Javascript, so you can also join the team developer list to build it.

Now it is in early stage so some features are not working properly, but lets hope it will be fixed soon by the team and may be with your help too.

Where to find the source to download?

You can find the Brackets source and documentation in Github, to run it you will also need it’s shell Brackets APP.


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