Advantages of e-brochure design over traditional brochure printing

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What is an E-brochure?

A brochure is a tool to identify a company. Used for marketing and to advertise a company. Technology is constantly changing. Every industry has made its shift from being traditional to digital. In such way brochure printing has turned into E-brochures, which is usually found on the company website. The E-brochure talks about the company name, logo, tagline, services involved, a few pictures (as an added advantage) address, and contact details.

How can E-brochure help in business?

We are surrounded by technology personally and professionally. Nowadays people find it easy in digital formats. Advertisement and marketing is the two eye of any business. Brochures are a key tool for presenting a company. E-brochure has a major advantage of reaching an unlimited audience. It has the convenience of delivering any time anywhere in the world. Apart from benefits associated with the company it has “environmental benefit”.

Marketing made simple:

Reduces time: After the design work, printing brochures consumes more time. E-brochures act as a time-effective tool in advertisements.

Flexible: There are a lot of template options that can be used for e-brochure designs. This cannot be implemented in brochure printing.

Cost effective: E-brochures reduce printing cost. Distribution can be made even in a PDF format.

Rich in quality: New advantages of graphic designing, 3D effects, page-turning effects are made out of E-brochures.

User-friendly: E-brochures can easily be downloaded and no chances of missing.

Social sharing: When the company thinks about adding a profile in social media, E-brochures are easily uploaded.

Why there is a “NO” to traditional brochure?

Being a part of the digital era, the printed components of marketing are often categorized as old-fashioned and ineffective. Marketing is no longer successful if one keeps traveling to reach the client/customer. Having a massive drawback of limited reach the traditional way of marketing lacks behind. Wastage was another pitfall. Distribution of brochures before any significant changes made within the company end up to render the information obsolete. If the company is looking to advertise offers quickly a brochure printing is not an efficient marketing method.

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Technology in the printing industry:

Adapting changes is the only way for survival. There are a few points that need to be considered to be successfully sustaining in the market. It’s a revolution that taking place as the signs are evident, paper printing has dropped down by 65%. Both small and large print business owners have to educate themselves about investing in software and machine features. Some noticeable innovations in print technology are three-dimensional printing, high-speed digital printing, and hybrid print processes. The ink doesn’t spread in the met/pet printing.

Latest advancements in the Print industry:

Digital Inkjet printing: Many creative possibilities in digital inkjet printing allow designers to put together eye-catching brochures.

Rise of 3D printing: Printing is no longer interesting to be found on flat sheets of paper. This innovation got significant attention in the print industry.

Hybrid print technologies: Having improvements in the print plate, hybrid print technology accommodates complex print projects.

Software Innovations: Graphic design software allows for easier workflow. No more investments on paper!

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