NAVIC Navigation with Indian Constellation- Indian GPS system

All you need to know about NAVIC – India’s own GPS System [Technology]

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India becomes the fifth country along with China, Russia, European Union (EU) and USA to have its own GPS (Global Positioning System). Titled NAVIC, the GPS system gathers and displays information from seven Indian satellites that were launched bettween July 2013 – April 2016. Earlier titled IRNSS (Indian Regional Navigational Satellite System), NAVIC stands for Navigation with Indian Constellation. Out of the seven satellite, 3 satellites orbits in geostationary manner and the remaining 4 satellites orbits in geosynchronously.

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The need for India to have its own GPS system occurred when the country were dependent on USA for GPS services during the 1999 Kargil War. NAVIC offers two services Standard Positioning Service for Civil Use and Restricted Service (encrypted) for Military purposes. NAVIC is expected to operate from June 2016. The project amounted to almost Rs 1420 crores(Indian money).  The Indian GPS system covers a square region that consists of the entire South-Asian countries in the east, up to Turkey in the west, Madagascar and parts of Africa and Australia in the south and Mongolia to the north.

NAVIC provides position accuracy up to 10 meters in India landmass and up to 20 meters in Indian oceans and regions surrounding India. Recently website OfficeChai teamed up with Inshorts and released a 90-second video about NAVIC and its salient features.

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