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It is no secret the Apple will be revealing high end smart phones with the technology which will make us go awestruck. In the yearly event, Apple recently revealed couple of new Apple iPhone and an Apple watch with amazing specifics and features. Apple as a company always regarded as the premium gadget makes in the industry due to their quality product and skyrocketing brand value.

In the Steve Jobs Theater, Apple current CEO Tim Cook with all smiles revealed the new iPhones followed by last year’s iPhone X. The unexpected surprise or gift for Apple gadget lovers is the revelation of Apple watch in the Apple Watch Series 4, considered the most powerful wearable yet.

iPhone Xs and Xs Max

Scintillating announcements came through on Apple iPhone following its iPhone X is the iPhone Xs and the iPhone Xs Max with the maximum features. The brand new iPhone Xs has given some upscale smart refinements to its last year iPhone X. The device comes at 5.8 inches, pronounced as “ten yes” or
“tennis”. For bigger screens and best featured smart phone in the world, you can opt for iPhone Xs Max device. iPhone Xs Max with the massive screen measuring 6.5 inches giving you the biggest display ever in an Apple phone. Apple’s new high-end iPhones available to the public starting at $999. Apple iPhone Xs costs US $999 same as last year iPhone X and the Xs Max available at US $1099.

iPhone Xr

The budget friendly Apple iPhone smart phone with limited quality but with massive performance. The Apple iPhone Xr as mentioned above designed to be a more affordable iPhone with medium material quality, costs just US $749 and the same device is promised to be available by this October. iPhone Xr has no short for features as it got the hello Face ID omitting the traditional home button. It is considered as an upgraded gadget from the last year iPhone X and less of this year iPhone Xs and Xs Max.

Apple Watch Series 4

The Apple new grand watch is no secret anyone, it is currently the high-end health tracking device in the world. The brand new Apple Watch arrives with the addition of ECG (Electrocardiogram) measuring capabilities with approved clearance from the concerned (FDA) parties. Tim Cook brags the Apple Watch Series 4 is the most important product in Apple’s arsenal considering its breakthrough features taking the advanced capabilities to the common man. The watch starts at US $399 with Global Positioning System (GPS), US $499 for cellular and series 3 price dropped to US $279.

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