Amazing Facts About Ants That Will Fascinate You

As you are aware that Ants are much appreciated to their nature of teamwork and effective co-operation among themselves. As a human, we have been awe-struck by their ability to accomplish huge tasks with the simplest of their natural management skills. We all have seen a group of Ants carrying heavier particles in an aligned manner. This kind of teamwork does not come simply with wishful thinking rather requires to pushed by their leaders sometimes. Let’s see whether they got a guide or working on their own as a whole.

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Self-Sacrificing Mentality:

Ants have a self-sacrificing mentality, as each of them tends to have an utter devotion to their Ant colony. Ants have two stomachs, one to eat and the another to carry the food and share to others. Several ants take their devotion further by becoming storage units to the colony, also called as honey ants. The harvesters ants which will bring food, honey to the storage ants as they will hold the honey in their abdomen. When a hungry worker arrives, this storage ant just taps their abdomen with their antenna and provide the food to them.

Two stomachs


Storage ants

Secure the queen:
During harsh climates and scenarios, these ants will lock their legs and mouths to form a raft for their queen and her eggs. There will numerous amounts of queens present, the largest known colony had 306 million ants with 1 million queens.


Communication Technology:

Ants basically communicate and make decisions as a group of millions. Due to that Ants colonies are referred as super-organisms. It is said they talk using chemicals to distribute message across their colony.

Girls all over:

This might be the good and bad part combined with the Ants facts. Because Ants colonies are comprised of females entirely as the male ants are very short-lived. Mostly the male ants die immediately after mating. Ants are not necessarily said to be short lived as there is example of ants living many years.

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