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Tourist Attractions Krishna Butter Ball Mahabalipuram Mamallapuram Distant Shot

60-km from the state capital city of Chennai, the ancient seaport Mahabalipuram is a famous tourist attraction known for its magnificent stone architectures. One of the city’s popular attractions is Krishna’s Butter Ball, a 250-tonne boulder propped up on a 45-degree slope. Have no fear, rest under it or take photographs as the huge rock hasn’t moved an inch from the time of its presence.

Numerous efforts in moving the stone have produced only fruitless results. As per records, Pallava King Narashimavarman made the first attempt to displace the stone during the 6th century. Of late (during the 19th century), the governor of Madras Arthur Lawley’s attempt to dislodge it by employing seven elephants ended futile.

Tourist Attractions Krishna Butter Ball Mahabalipuram Mamallapuram Candid Snaps

Legends state the boulder is a testimony to the power of gods, existence of advanced extra-terrestrial life forms while geologists indicate it’s a natural formation while ruling out the possibility of erosion for the rock’s wayward position. Mythical folklore ascribes the stone to the butter ball Lord Krishna stole from his mother’s jar during his childhood. The Rock is located at the Mada Koil Street, Mahabalipuram.

Known as Vaanirai Kal (Stone from the sky) to the local populace, the stone is 20-ft in height and 5 meters in diameter. So, ensure your next trip to Mahabalipuram doesn’t end without a visit to Krishna’s Butter Ball and a Herculean attempt to move it.

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