Amazon’s Rs. 99 Store – Quality Range Of Products You Can Buy At Cheap Price

Online shopping have helped humans to a great level that one doesn’t need to waste endless hours in picking up items among the crowd on a road side store. With the help of the internet, we are gifted with the ability to shop right from your hand through our Smartphone and also with the help of other tech gadgets.

We all have been using online shopping for a greater good and here is the best opportunity to buy best products at an amazing trade of less money. Yes, you can buy your favorite products at Amazon that is available for rupees 99 and even less than that too. Below is the list of the products we have handpicked specially that is most required for every household in any part of the world.


Buying kitchen and dining appliances needs us to spend a lot of time picking a lot of tiny products which helps us to cook faster and the sweeter to our family and friends. No kitchen goes without using the following appliances for sure and how easy can it get by having you select these products and get them delivered to your door step by saving your valuable time and travel costs and a lot more.

Amazon’s Rs. 99 Store – Quality Range Of Products You Can Buy At Cheap Price 1

Polypropylene Container – Here is the little contain with which you can carry your meal airtight, and also liquid tight to carry liquid food items. Check Price

Jumbo Plastic Tumbler – Next up is the 500ml, velvet jumbo plastic tumbler which needs no explanation for us as it is one of the most important appliance need to our household for sure.
Check Price

Small Round Plastic Container – Here we have the executive small round plastic container which is capable of 180ml; this can be used to carry your snack items to boost your energy during the day. Simply stack up your snack items or the energetic vegetables and you can consume at your office desk, outdoor etc. Check Price

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Banana Slicer – No need to stress on the importance of buying a banana slicer we believe. It is an important appliance one must have in their kitchen, this helps to serve the bananas into neat shapes. You can serve these to your family, friends and guests on the go without any hassle at all. Check Price

Along the above listed products, we have mentioned few other products on the below which you might be also interested to buy.

Plastic 2 in 1 Slicer – Check Price

Clay Craft Orchid Milk Mug – Check Price

Haixing Plastic Half Plate Set, 20cm (Set of 4, Multicolor) – Check Price

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