An Epic Conclusion to the unsung Legend – Batman: Dark Knight Rises

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‘The Dark Knight Rises’ can rightly be stated without doubt as the most anticipated movie of this year. From the much acclaimed director, Christopher Nolan, with a star-studded cast, this movie has surely created a huge expectation. The prequel to this movie, ‘Batman – The Dark Knight’ topped the box office and bagged heaps of awards and got raving reviews even from movie critics and on top of it all was loved alike, by both Batman fans and the general public.

The Dark Knight Rises
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The story is set 8 years after the incidents of the last movie. Batman (Christian Bale) had never resurfaced after the night he stood up and took the blame for the crimes committed by Harvey Dent a.k.a the Two-Face. The start of the movie depicts how the people believe that Dent was the White Knight and a legend while Batman is the symbol of darkness, accused not only for Dent’s crimes but also for the murder of Dent himself. And as Bruce Wayne, he is missed by the high society of Gotham and is believed to have become crazy.


Bane (Tom Hardy) is shown as a ferocious and idealistic terrorist leader with no mercy. Early into the movie Selina Kyle, also the Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) runs into Bruce while stealing his mother’s pearl necklace. The true motives and the side she takes are revealed later in the movie. She does great justice to her role and it is good to watch out for this cunning cat-thief with her cheesy lines and quick reflexes. The plot of the movie is too complex to be put down in words here and if written will spoil the thrill while watching the movie. However, you can be sure that with Bane and Catwoman around and the police still looking out for any signs of Batman so that they can pin him down for Dent’s murder, it sure is going to be a roller-coaster ride.

The scene set for the return of the Batman after 8 years, on the event of a robbery by Bane sets the pace rolling for the movie. Batman gets to use his new flying vehicle called the Bat and his faithful Bat Pod does feature in the movie. The ample number of twists, turns and sub-plots make the deep storyline engaging, while the Nolan-style screenplay makes things interesting while retaining the seriousness.

In short, this movie is definitely an epic conclusion to the Batman Trilogy as it was promised on the trailers.


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