Ant-Man – Funny Super Hero Entertainer

Ant-Man - Funny Super Hero Entertainer 1
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Ever since the release of Marvel’s Iron Man(2008) to Avengers:Age of Ultron(2015), there were super heroes happily or reluctantly saving the world on a large scale from super villains. What happens when saving happens on a small scale(tiny would be more precise), that’s what the recently released Ant Man is all about.

Ant-Man Poster
Ant-man Poster


The plot begins with renowned scientist Dr.Hank Pym(Micheal Douglas) moves out of S.H.I.E.L.D,  unhappy with S.H.I.E.L.D and Stark who were trying to replicate his shrinking technology without his knowledge. To safeguard his technology forever, he hides his findings and starts his own company Pym Technologies. Twenty years later, Hank is thrown out of his company by his former student Darren Cross(Corey Stoll) and Hank’s daughter Hope(Evangeline Lily) and are currently in completion of product named “Yellowjacket” similar to what Hank developed years ago.

Meanwhile we come to know of a petty thief named Scott Lang(Paul Rudd) who is desperately trying to find a job to support his daughter Cassie. Unable to find a job due to past records, he attempts to steal a vault suggested by his friend Luis. Scott only finds a motorcycle kind of suit to his disappointment but gradually finds the suit shrinks and expands the object inside the suit. Helped by Hank after being arrested for his robbery, Scott becomes Ant-Man teams with Hank and Hope to destroy the yellowjacket before falling into the wrong hands.

Ant-Man Cast
Ant-Man Cast


Ant-Man Macrophotography
Ant-Man Macro-photography
  • Ant-Man is funny roller coaster entertainer when compared to other Marvel movies which were either serious or dark in tone.
  • The climax Toy Train sequence and infiltration of Pym’s Company by Ant-Man and his army of ants, Scott training with the ants sequence were excellently done.
  • The scenes between and Ant-Man and his friends mainly Luis(played excellently by Micheal Pena) were very funny.
  • The Macro-photography deserves a big mention. Ant-Man evading the bullets, Toy Train Sequence(again) were top-notch.
  • The conversations as in most of Marvel movies and connecting them with the forth coming Marvel films.
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Go for it , it does what it should … Entertains. My vote 3.5/5

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