Attract, Retain & Engage Employees – How to Keep Them Engaged?

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The conference board showed that happiness with work on 51% of American employees continues to improve and said they feel satisfied and busy. This study included a snapshot of national workers where about 1,500 employees had discussed 23 job satisfaction components.

Attracting, maintaining, and more importantly, attractive talent is often one of the biggest challenges of today. As the business owner, these tasks may end on your endless to-do list. Millennial is a growing workforce, a generation is well-connected, a digital native who generally grow on collaborative, flexible, innovative work by doing PMP certification environments.

By preparing your business to match these needs, you can be well on your way to becoming a great business owner, for which everyone wants to work. And when it may seem challenging, creating an optimal work environment is easier than you think.

Be transparent and communicate often:

To have a cultural or structural change in your business is to be transparent with a key component staff to jumpstart. The Harvard Business Review recently surveyed 1,700 US workers and found that being a great manager and being part of a positive management culture is important for all employees, Millennium emphasizes transparency.

Provide Flexibility and Recognition Programs:

Consider whether your business can break the traditional 9 to 5 mold so that employees can get some flexibility in their hours. Although it is not possible for all companies, check the options that can work for your business. Also, look at the recognition programs that allow you to reward employees’ work and how to progress further, both in terms of how they work and contribute to a positive environment. Regarding the changes that you want to show in your business will help you create an environment that is busy and excited.

Provide clear direction for development and development:

I have found that among other generations, think of their present roles as millenniums, stones and development opportunities. They want to work for a manager who can invest in their personal development and realize their purpose. If you cannot provide employees with a clear path to career advancement and/or development opportunities, then you are potentially creating a situation for your competitors to lose talent. Programs like Employee Resource Group or Talent Sharing Opportunities in departments can ensure that employees do not feel doves in a specific role or job ceremony.

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Never stop innovation According to a study by Gallup, seventy-one percent of millenniums reported themselves to be “not busy” or “active inefficiency” on the work, making them least endangered. In addition, in the 10th millennium, six said that they are open to various job opportunities, even if it means going to any other business. So how do you engage people?

In our organization, we have an innovation laboratory that can use as an employee churning, cooperative activities, and general meeting place. You can include various types of creative activities at your meetings by doing PMP certification or you can include brain sessions outside the office to help you increase new ideas. By providing employees access to a variety of tools and techniques, you can help them think outside the box.

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