Automatic machines for printing and laminating – Should I choose for better output? Pros and cons

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Automatic machines

Seen that nice, thin, transparent plastic sheet of paper on important documents like certificates or license copies? These are simple print and lamination done at a local store using automated print lamination machines.

Print lamination is a process done after printing any document where a hydraulic press is used to create a thin, transparent layer on the printed paper. Basically, the print should be taken from an inkjet printer using good quality paper so that it can resist the heat used to laminate. Lamination is to protect a document from chaffing, scratching, creasing and any other kind of damage. The process can make the document look better and easy to carry. The appearance is however improved by laminating a document. For example, a photograph can get a glossy appearance by laminating it.

These days’ automatic machines do the job of laminating a printed copy immediately after or simultaneously while getting it printed. The advantages and disadvantages are listed out in this article.

Pros of automatic machines for printing and lamination

Automatic machines can both print and laminate a document in one go. This way manual work is reduced and hence manpower required is also less. Any size can be auto printed and laminated. There is an option to choose a glossy or matt finish. This works well for artists who want their works to be printed and laminated for display purposes. Banners, posters etc. can all be laminated while getting them printed. Varied effects like glitter effect, a brighter impact can all be added through the automatic machine while laminating a regular print. Textures can also be added. So overall, automatic machines are smarter and can do a lot of things to the actual print. This can be an added advantage if a document has to be manipulated. These are also called as automatic foil printing machines.

Cons of automatic machines for printing and lamination


The delivery time taken is more compared to manual machines. Manual machines do the work twice i.e. once to print and one more time to laminate but the work can happen faster compared to automatic machines. Print and lamination through an automatic machine are expensive comparatively.

Automatic foil stamping machine or automatic print and lamination is, however, entering the market these days consider the pace and need for better quality prints. Manual machines are slowly taking the back seat as automatic machines do multiple things at a time. However, if you are looking for printing and laminating at a lesser cost, manual machines are the best to opt. Digital prints or digital quality prints can be obtained by automatic machines. Also, vinyl printing or flex printing is done in automatic machines considering their use outdoors. For any banner or poster to be stuck outdoors, lamination is a must and good quality comes with a cost. A better output is obtained by automatic machines and it is wise to buy an automatic foil stamping machine to stand over in the printing business.

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